Hospitality app development: How Selina Lifestyle hospitality app providing a new network of living spaces for digital nomads?

Hospitality app development: How Selina Lifestyle hospitality app providing a new network of living spaces for digital nomads?

Airbnb gaining huge popularity with its cool hospitality app to book accommodations to enjoy the stay with locals in many areas. This rising tide seems to lift boats and inspiring many startups to go for hospitality app development with some innovative approach. To offer something new, the startups are providing the living-coworking and activity spaces for the people who wish to work and travel at the same time. The term they have used for such travelers is ‘digital nomads’ and they are taking the travel and hospitality business to the next level.

Selina is another fastest growing hospitality brand like Airbnb. It combines beautifully designed accommodations along with co-working spaces, wellness, and recreational offerings and local experiences for modern travelers. Selina app claims to make your life easier and allows you to explore all around the world in a stress-free manner.

Things to know about Selina hospitality app : To Create hospitality app like Selina or App like Airbnb


The Selina app is one of its kind with a design-centric, technology-first and socially-minded approach to travel. It provides a way for travelers to live, work and explore anywhere in the world.

Selina app is currently active in 24 cities, beaches, jungle and mountain-side locations in more than 8 countries and expanding. It aims to develop a global infrastructure for nomads who are interested in learning from nature and work in a playful way. Selina is the hospitality platform that promises to provide you a purpose-filled experience and helps you to fuel your creativity at various places working or doing fun activities.

Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski were living in a small fishing town of Panama. They were into real estate projects. While developing the town, they began to build contacts with the locals and travelers. They has this idea of changing the hospitality business as they had experienced living in a lot of places. They wanted to share this new platform with the community of travelers. With this idea, Selina app was born in the year 2014 in Venao which is a surf town near Pedasi.

Once Selina was successful in Venao, the expansion of Selina began. The hospitality company is expanding quickly across the US and soon it will be treading into Europe.
The Selina lifestyle wants to be a contributing member of the communities with their unique hospitality and a whole new way to work and explore in various parts of the world.

Selina operates with a network of 22000 beds out of the boutique hostel style in more than 13 countries. It has raised $100 million amount in a funding round. They are planning to expand their business with more 130000 bed in more than 400 properties by 2023.

According to a report in Techcrunch, there will be 35 Selina properties opened for business in the US, UK, Germany, Portugal, Israel, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. They are expecting around 1.5 million people to use the spaces for accommodations and 2 million for activities. The company is evaluated at $850 million after the funding round.

What does Selina Lifestyle hospitality app offer?

On Selina hospitality app, one can actually book different types of properties according to their need and choice of destinations and transportation also. Here are the different things that Selina hospitality app offers a traveler:

Hospitality app development

1. Accommodations:

They offer a variety of dorms and private rooms for accommodations in more than 19 locations. One can search by countries, activities, amenities, and more.

2. Cowork Spaces

They have made it easier for people who wish to travel and be productive at the same time. They offer places to work while you travel. You can book desks from the numerous CoWork facilities in over 5 Selina locations.

Hospitality app development

3. Travel Experiences

If you are interested in adventures and want to travel around, they offer professional surf coaches, scuba diving, touring landmarks in various cities, taking a yoga class, and so much more. With Selina, you can fill your travel with enriching experiences.

4. Transportation

Selina hospitality app even has your first and last mile transportation covered for you. If you are moving from one city to another during your travels or you need a ride to the airport you can book your ground transportation with Selina’s, cities and the airport.

Building a hospitality app

Well, the future of hospitality apps is powered by IoT. This technology promises to improve the experience of your guests. People are looking for a better experience even if they do not know how to use IoT in particular. So, along with other hospitality facets, people want the app should be easy to use and secure.

Using IoT can enable the experience that is both personalized and fast. They want something that creates opportunities and provides value in new ways. When a tech giant moves into a new industry, it creates significant opportunities for technological disruption. The latest development in this regards is Alexa for hospitality. It is the voice assistant integrated with hotel chains, vacation rentals, etc.

The customer-centric industries believe in investing in providing great customer experience. Enabling screenless, IoT experiences in hospitality is a strategy in which the data is used to drive guest engagement. With the development of technology, IoT will be combined with various other technologies like video recognition.

If you are into the hospitality business, you need an app powered by IoT to stay updated with today’s technology. At the same time, you need to deploy an app with some unique features for keeping your users interested.

At Coruscate, our team of researchers has detailed information regarding the scope of hospitality app and they can suggest you the best features to include in your app based on your business needs. Our talented team of developers is experienced in designing and developing hospitality apps and have delivered successful solutions for our clients. We are not with the clients till the delivery of projects, in fact, we help them with the compatibility of the app with various devices and even with the maintenance.

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