Holidu Clone app : How can you disrupt the conventional hotel booking industry with our Holidu like holiday planner app? + How to Make an App Like Holidu + Create an App like Holidu + Apps Like Holidu + Develop Alternative of Holidu

Holidu Clone app How can you disrupt the conventional hotel booking industry with our Holidu like hotel booking app

A new travel agency startup or a hotel booking startup always look for options to disrupt the traditional model of hotel bookings and ways to make themselves stand out from the crowd of agencies and apps in the competition. To make this dream come true, you need to have a systematic booking system like a Holiday booking app like Holidu which can manage your bookings and clients.

A mobile app is a quick medium which is accessible to most smartphone users in the modern days. But to make your mobile app different, you need to know the essential components that need to be considered during the best holiday planner app development.

What is Holidu? 

Holidu hotel booking app was founded in 2014 by brothers Johannes and Michael Siebers. The company is headquartered in Munich, Bayern, Germany. They founded Holidu app when they had a frustrating experience while they were trying to a vacation rental for a surfing trip in Portugal. The search engine of the Holidu app allows you easily search for and book holiday accommodations.

Holidu is one of the speediest growing travel tech companies. The company aims to make the search and booking of vacation apartments and hotels easy. The company’s search engine uses exclusive image recognition technology to analyze the rates of millions of rental properties over hundred of websites like Airbnb, Booking.com, and HomeAway.

The company has recently generated €40M Series C for its holiday rentals search engine. They claim to use image recognition technology and compare more than 15 million rental properties across 600 different websites. This facilitates the users to immediately find the perfect accommodation and to save up to 55% on their bookings.

Other holiday booking sites offer the same rentals but at different prices. There is a large rate of denied bookings as various sites don’t synchronize schedules with each other and properties get double-booked. Amidst this scenario, it gets really difficult for customers to gain a transparent overview.

Solutions offered by Holidu app to tackle the problems faced by the Holiday booking apps:

Holidu has developed a service for holiday property owners. It is called Bookiply. It provides a single interface to list properties on the largest travel websites. The service also makes other tasks like synchronizing calendars, producing multilingual descriptions and sourcing professional photography easier. The team also manages traveler communication.

The company claims that Bookiply already handles 5,000 properties and declares that it is the market leader in numerous European recreation destinations. The company concentrates on the property owners who are not yet online or whose digital appearance can be optimized.

The company is trying to boost its growth and as a step towards its goal, the company has acquired its Spanish competitor Hundredrooms. The startup now has more than 10 million visitors every month and they wish to use the raised revenue for product development. They are also aiming to grow Holidu partners and sign up more property owners to Bookiply. And for that, they have planned to open various regional offices.

Here is a graph from App Annie showing the growing popularity of Holidu app :


Vacation Rental statistics – Worldwide:

  • In the year 2019, the revenue in the Vacation Rentals section amounted to US$57,669 million.
  • An annual growth rate of 6.4% is anticipated in the period 2019-2023 resulting in a market volume of US$74,005 million by the year 2023.
  • The user penetration in the year 2019 is 4.0% which will rise to 4.7% in the year 2023.
  • As of now, the average revenue per user amounts to US$194.06 million.
  • Compared to other parts of the world, most revenue is generated in the United States.


Develop Alternative app of Holidu, How to Make an App Like Holidu, Holidu alternative app features to consider

What features we offer with Holidu clone app? : Holiday Planner App Development

Price comparison over various websites

Customers are very busy to go through thousands of sites to book a hotel or transport. They need an easy way to compare prices right in one place so that they can book their hotel room at the best possible price. A smart user interface providing comparison prices available at various websites is what a user demands. Coruscate makes sure that this requirement is fulfilled by our Holidu clone app to keep your user engaged. Through our holiday booking app, you can provide your users with last-minute bookings of unsold hotel rooms. Being a startup, we make sure you become the most convenient online hotel reservation system for your users.

Search and filter vacation rentals

The search and filter feature is always the soul of any app. This is the feature that provides the users with the results according to their choices. Our Holidu clone app is designed with the best search feature to provide your users with the desired search results regarding penthouses, beach and lake houses, county homes, as well as houseboats or castles. We use the latest technologies like AI and Machine learning to streamline the data of your app and to provide data according to user preferences.

Automatic map search

The most prominent feature in a holiday booking app is map integration.

The map accurately shows the Geo location of the destination to the users which makes them assured.

A user can take a tour of the location with the help of your in-app map. The distance filter feature integrated with the map can show the users with rentals close to the beach, the sea, or the city center.

Invite or share with friends

To keep your users engaged, you can allow them to share their vacation rentals through the app. This sharing appears in the app marketing on social media when your real-time users opt for it.

Premium Features to consider while developing a holiday booking app:

Mobile itineraries

This feature presents confirmation code, travel dates, room type, along with the flight details, etc all at one place. Thus, there is no chance of skipping things or carrying different documents throughout.

Room check-in through smartphones

Providing room check-ins via smartphones is a perk as the users can now stay calm with a room already assigned on their name. Collaborating with the hotels for such a service can be beneficial for you.

Multi-lingual descriptions

To communicate better with the users across the globe having multi-lingual descriptions are a must for your app. You can keep your users better engaged with such features as they feel at home.

How can you earn with the Holidu clone app?

The Holidu clone app business model can run with the listings and stays. You can earn from two major sources:

Commission from hosts:

Whenever someone wishes to have a host’s property and makes a payment, you can charge them with a minimum of 10% of the payment as commission. This is one way in which many holiday booking apps earn money.

Transaction fee from travelers:

You can charge the travelers with a certain percentage of the fee when they make payment for the stay. This amount can add to your Holidu clone app revenue. Many other holiday booking apps follow this method to make huge bucks and run successfully.

You can also plan revenue inflow with the sponsored properties and premium models to take a different route to earn more.


How does the Holidu clone app help travelers?

The AI and machine learning technology help travelers to compare prices of different vacation rentals all in one place. They also allow travelers to travel cashless and with the ticket booking online, the travelers can avail special discount coupons and save on big deals.

How does the Holidu Clone app work?

The app browses numerous booking sites for your customers to find vacation rentals and at the best possible price. The prices are displayed together at one platform with the utmost transparency. As soon as the user clicks the offer on accommodation, they are allowed either to book directly on the app or redirected to the respective booking site to finalize the booking.

If you are interested to build Holidu clone app for your travel startup and want to know the price and other features for this app, you can connect with us for a free consultation session. We provide hundreds of on-demand robust solutions for our clients and become your technology partner in each phase of your business.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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