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goshare - end to end vehicle sharing platform launched by gogoro

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The Gogoro electric Smartscooter is powered by an electric motor specially designed for easier urban transportation. It is marketed as the G1 Aluminum Liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor. The scooter relies on the Gogoro Energy Network as its power replenishment source.

goshare gogoro like app

Gogoro chose the name Smartscooter for its products to display their innovative way of consolidating the real-time monitoring of the scooter’s critical systems and performance.

The scooter prototype combines sensors that gather information such as speed, energy consumption, and levels, system failures, as well as scooter falls. This information is transmitted to the Gogoro Energy Network and presented to the users with the help of Gogoro mobile apps compatible with Android and IOS smartphones. These apps allow customization of some settings such as lighting and sound profiles.

Well, with the rise of Tesla, various companies and entrepreneurs have started increasingly opting for the electric vehicle market. There has been a great rush about electrifying cars but at the same time, many entrepreneurs have jumped into the electric scooter market. However, a household name like Tesla has not yet formed in the e-scooter market. But that could actually change.

Gogoro which started selling electric motorcycles in 2015 can become Taiwan’s first unicorn with a valuation of more than US $1 billion. Ever imagined how is Gogoro succeeding where many others are struggling?

There is an important lesson that is learned from different technological innovation. This technological innovation was meant to transform the way we get around- the Segway Personal Transporter.

Why do e-scooter startups struggle?

The major mistake that the companies and entrepreneurs make time and again is developing the products and services which are novel and technologically ground-breaking. But these products do not create a leap in benefit for the people who are supposed to buy them. Even if they are the best technological innovations, they are not value innovations.

Creating value innovations helps in creating a jump in the value for the customers. It also decreases the costs of the company. It may be easier to create a leap in value at the high cost, but a truly innovative offering increases the value for users and decreases the costs to the company.

Gogoro’s value innovation

Most of the struggling e-scooter and electric bike companies are not offering many leaps in the value as compared to conventional gas-powered vehicles. In general, the electric vehicles do offer some advantages over the gas-powered vehicles and need less maintenance but they are much expensive, have limited range and they take a long time to charge.

Many e-scooter companies are constantly trying to overcome these issues of limited range and long charging times. They have even invested heavily in state of the art batteries and charging networks. Even though this has provided marvelous results, it has cost a fortune to many companies.

This has resulted in electric motorcycles being too expensive and so they are unable to attract a lot of buyers. That happens because the electric vehicles lack in value innovation that increases buyer value while lowering the company’s profits.

Gogoro is seeking value innovation on the other hand instead of just running behind innovation. They offer electric vehicles which are rated in the range of their gas-powered equivalents. At the same time, they provide an infrastructure network accessible to people to conveniently and instantly replenish their batteries. They have even managed to make it happen at a lower cost when compared to other electric scooter companies.

How did Gogoro manage to build customer value?

It is essential for electric motorcycles to accomplish a leap in value to customers over their gas-powered matches they do not critically limit in range due to battery limitations. But it is expensive to use the long-range or the batteries which charge quickly. Here Gogoro employed its clever new system. Gogoro removed permanent batteries attached to the motorcycles in support of a new battery-swapping system. The company also removed the requirement to build costly infrastructure that enabled quick charging of exhausted batteries.

Alternatively, Gogoro formed a wide network of battery-swapping stations. The company also came up with a battery subscription model in order to allow the customers to swap out the exhausted batteries for the charged ones. Also, the customers need just a few seconds to swap these batteries which is much faster than any other way of fuelling the vehicles. Also, the stations have been made remarkably and are normally located within one kilometer of any given location in Taipei.

The startup has always proved itself to be an end-to-end platform developer. But today, it has achieved a major milestone with the declaration of a new vehicle sharing system. This vehicle sharing system is called GoShare and it will be started with a fleet of around 1000 Gogoro smart scooters. It will start the operations in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Later, it will be available as a turnkey solution for partners.

According to a report in TechCrunch, Gogoro develops scooters as well as batteries. They develop software, telematics control units, and backend servers. The company describe GoShare as its first fully-integrated mobility sharing platform. They aim to expand GoShare into the international markets in Europe, Australia, and Asia by next year. They claim to have an added advantage of swappable batteries over other companies like Uber, Lyft, Lime and Bird. Read more on e scooter swappable batteries and findout why E-scooter app can prove to be the best business for the startups looking for business investments : Start E scooter Business in $10K.

Gogoro owns a 97 percent share of electric scooters sold each month in Taiwan. They own 17 percent shares in the larger vehicle market in Taiwan, including gas vehicles. They have recently launched Gogoro 3 and at the same, they have announced partnerships with Yamaha, Aeon, and PGO.

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