Revolutionize Healthcare apps with AI technology and enable users to keep a track of diet with Foodvisor Clone app

Revolutionize Healthcare apps with AI technology and enable users to keep a track of diet with Foodvisor Clone app

The healthcare industry is revolutionizing by applying digital technologies and employing mobile devices for healthcare app development. mHealth or mobile health is a popular term among people these days. It is used for implementing mobile technologies and devices smartphones, wearables, tablets for health practices. There are many proven advantages of Healthcare app development.

One such healthcare app that is transforming nutrition is a French startup company named Foodvisor. It came into existence in the 2018 season of Facebook’s Paris-based incubator Startup Garage. Their team participated in the Data Innovation program conducted by TTC Labs for 3-months to enhance the design, transparency, and authority of personal data in digital products.

Foodvisor- Objective, and functioning

The company was founded by Charles Boes and Yann Giret. Foodvisor’s main objective is to help people to be healthy, eat smart and live healthier. They created the Foodvisor app to reach their goal of pushing more people towards a healthy lifestyle.

The Foodvisor app identifies food items on a plate. It then provides estimates of proportions and presents a comprehensive report of the nutritional value of the meal. This can be obtained just with a simple clicked photograph through your smartphone.

The app is accumulated with all the recommendations from the dietitians, recipes and diet plans to get proper nutritional assessments done. The Foodvisor app is helpful if someone wants to lose weight or plans to switch to healthy eating habits. In a very short time, the app has got itself more than 1 million users.

Challenge faced by Foodvisor

Foodvisor was facing great problems to reduce drop-off during onboarding from 7% and to enhance the recognition rate of the T&Cs from 36% at the point. The previous text-heavy screens did not give people enough clarity about how their shared data was managed and used by the app.

How did the healthcare app- Foodvisor manage to get such a huge audience?

In the Data Innovation Program Foodvisor came with a very precise goal. They wanted to proceed with the onboarding experience to approach the 7% dropoff rate of people using the app. They made a bold choice to prioritize and enhance the engagement metric by making changes to their products. The company focused on the user experience of onboarding and recognized important screens for providing informed consent for data sharing.

Foodvisor used storytelling to demonstrate the features that people would have access to whenever they share their data with the app. The company also made people aware of the value they earn by sharing their personal information.

How does the Foodvisor app work?

Foodvisor basically uses deep learning to facilitate image recognition. It then detects what the user is about to eat. The app not only identifies the type of food but also tries to determine the weight of each item.

The healthcare app is build to evaluate the distance between your plate and your phone using camera autofocus data. Later, using AI or deep learning, the app calculates the area of each food item. The company then extrapolates the volume of the food depending on every single item.

There is also an option of manually correcting the things if something goes wrong with the calculations before logging the meal. After that, the nutrition facts about the food are displayed including the calories, proteins, carbs, fats, fibers, etc. The users are then allowed to set a goal and monitor their progress.

The app is available in four different languages like French, English, German and Spanish. And its database has been recently enriched to target the American market.

How is the Healthcare app development beneficial for the users?

The Foodvisor app allows users to get accurate calories and other details just with a picture of there meal avoiding the painfully weighing ingredients, meticulously counting up calories, or determining what makes up a dish.

The report from the World Health Organization stated that 1.9 billion adults were overweight in the year 2016. Considering this figure, we can find that the obesity rate has tripled since the year 1975 and will keep on growing in the coming future.

Apps like Foodvisor make it simpler for users to maintain a healthy life by eating healthy food even on the busiest day.

➯ Features of Foodvisor Healthcare app

The Foodvisor app acts as the nutritional coach for your customers. It helps them to eat healthily and reach their fitness goals. The app allows its users to regain control over their diet and learn to make better food choices.

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The app features that you can also use for Foodvisor clone app:

➯ Track your diet:

  • Click a picture of the food and get its nutrition facts including the detail information of calories, proteins, carbs, fats, fibers, cholesterol, etc.
  • Barcode scanning to keep a track of food and log the food.
  • Design custom food and save your preferred meals.

➯ Achieve Health goals:

  • Setting an aim: Select any option like lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, set healthy stability in life.
  • Log the activities to check calories burned.
  • Keep a track of weight and monitor the improvement. Get proper guidance to achieve great health.

➯ The business model of Foodvisor app

The Foodvisor company runs on a subscription model. The users get a premium subscription for $5 to $10 per month. Along with the diet plans that the app offers, it also allows the customers to chat with a registered dietitian/nutritionist directly in the app.

How can we assist you with the Healthcare app development?

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A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:


➯How can you earn with Healthcare apps?

You can earn using the same business model as the Foodvisor app. You can offer monthly subscriptions or charge for in-app services to the users. So, in case you offer a service of connecting with the nutritionist directly through the app, you can also charge the nutritionist who joins your app.

➯How does AI function with healthcare app development?

The AI or Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector is nothing but using complicated algorithms and software to imitate human judgment in the analysis of complicated medical data. The primary purpose of AI in healthcare apps is to examine relationships between prevention or treatment techniques and patient outcomes.

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