Why You Need a Food Truck App for Business? Top Features You Need to Focus to Improve Business Profits


There are several food apps in the market. Some of the top names that cross your mind would be Yelp, Zomato, Swiggy etc. However, these apps help you with the names of the restaurants that are listed with them. They do not list out the food trucks that offer good food and are known in the vicinity. So, if you want to order food from the food trucks or, know what the food truck offers, you have no place to go to.

Similarly, you are less aware of the catering services available in the vicinity, and their prices. This gap in the food market is being closed with the help of food truck apps. They have been defined specifically for the food trucks and listing out their menu. You can use these apps to order food, check the menu and for various other options.

The GPS based food truck app also allows you to search for the different food trucks, and know their exact location. The apps will help boost the visibility of the food trucks and will increase their popularity in the markets.

Let’s get a quick look at the benefits of having food truck apps.

Why Should you Develop Food Truck Apps?

There are a number of food truck apps available in the market. We will discuss these before going ahead with the benefits these apps offer to the food trucks.

  • Mobile PoS: The mobile POS food truck apps allow for easy transactions, and facilitate the mobile payments. These apps intend to make the whole process fast for both the end customers as well as the food truck owners. Ordering the food and paying for the food becomes easy as a result of these food truck apps. From processing transactions to checking into the sales real-time, these apps help with managing all aspects of the business.
  • Truck locators: This is the most commonly developed apps in this segment. Akin to most of the food apps, the food truck locator apps allow the users to know about the food trucks available in their location and find out more about their offering. The users can even navigate to the food truck’s location as a result of the map view and GPS integration. You also get to know about the latest food trucks in the location as a result of social integration and other features.
  • Apps for the business: From the food truck business perspective, there are several mobile apps that will help the food truck owners. The first one is the application that calls for paperless transactions and manages both the expenses and the sales via cloud managed software. You can keep an eye on the food and monitor whether or not your food matches the inspection criteria via this software. There are the daily planning, grocery shopping and even other expense tracking applications possible for the business.

Now that you are aware of the different types of food truck apps that are possible, let’s have a quick look at the benefits of mobile app for the food truck business.

  • The menu at your tips: Yes, this is the biggest advantage for the end users. They will also have details regarding the food truck menu, and what is available at the trucks nearby. The complete menu and pricing can be accessed via the mobile app.
  • Map view: The user can locate the food trucks in the location near them. The map view will provide the exact location, and due to the GPS integration, the users can navigate to the location of these food trucks with ease. The apps make the travel smooth for the end users.
  • Paperless transactions: For the food truck owners, the food truck apps offer an insight into the total sales of the day, and the regular expenses that they incur. These apps allow them to plan for the day in advance, and keep an eye on the inventory. From processing the different elements of the workflow to initiating the inventory and goods that need to be ordered, these apps allow the food truck owners to manage everything with ease. The apps provide them complete control of the processes, without the use of paper.
  • Enhances user experience: For the customers, the apps are an added value, which enhances their experience at your food trucks. They will carry your business around and can access your food anywhere they go. When it comes to communicating with you or, accessing your customer support, they can use the in-app chat facility, which gives them a certain level of control they seek.


Must-have Features for the App


It is important to know the features that you ought to integrate in the food truck app you are planning for your business.

  • Live Map: This feature allows you to track the food truck in real-time. You will be shown the current location of the food truck on the mobile app, and you can start navigation and get the direction to the food truck from your location.
  • Discover options: Know the various food trucks available in your location of choice. You can also check the food trucks by allowing the app to access your current location. You can filter the food trucks and discover options based on the distance as well as the food types.
  • Search: You should be able to search for the food trucks that you are planning to visit to know about the menu as well as the distance from your location, using the app. The app should include a search and advanced search facility.
  • Access the menu: The app should give you a complete menu of all the food trucks listed with the app. The food options should be available at your fingertips with the app.
  • Reviews: The food truck app should include the reviews and rating feature, which allows you to know which food truck is rated high and why. This will also help you know which food truck is a must visit.


Summing up


The food truck apps are in demand as a result of the increasing number of food trucks, and the way they attract the people around them. From listing the food truck to making transactions easy for them, the app idea could belong to any segment that eases out the lives of the food truck owners and improves their visibility.

As your technology partner, Coruscate will help you build on the idea, improve the capabilities and strengthen the output to meet the changing market needs. Connect with us via phone or email to discuss the possibilities for your app idea.

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