How developing a recipe app can help you to generate millions of dollars?


This content could prove helpful for the people who are in the cooking business. The professional chefs who are interested in sharing their recipes, the entrepreneurs in the food industry who wish to make their own recipe app and even the people who wish to enter the food world with an idea of sharing a variety of recipes just like the food channels but in a more easier and much more interesting.

“Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.”

Our daily routine is not complete unless we include cooking and eating on the time table, right? Thinking of something new to cook every day is an extra task on every mother’s plate. Imagine, if you get a talisman where every day new recipe is shared with you to try and enjoy. Fun? Isn’t it?

Back in the olden days, people used to give small recipes at the back of some products that they used to sell. Later on, the cookbooks came into existence. They started food channels to reach more and more people every day. But with the emerging technology, all the above strategies proved ineffective.

Millions of people these days have access to mobile phones. Each day, the number of apps being downloaded are rising significantly. Everyone, young or old knows how to operate these apps and are becoming more technology-friendly. Looking at the scenario of people switching from television channels to mobile apps, having a recipe app can do wonders for you.

Are the apps really generating revenue?

According to statista, In 2015, the global mobile app revenues amounted to 69.7 billion US dollars. They are expected to generate 188.9 billion dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app purchases in 2020.

5% of app users spend money on in-app purchases. According to a study, there are more than 100 million devices with more than 1000 apps. According to AppsFlyer, the customers spend 20 times more for in-app purchases than paid app downloads.

Worldwide mobile app store revenues in 2015, 2016 and 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars)

How developing a recipe app can help you to generate millions of dollars?

Now, let us discuss the best food recipe apps which are popular among people.

BigOven recipe app

This is a recipe finder app which works on multiple platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone. This is the number 1 cooking app that has recipes and meal planning functionality. It is a free app with the in-app purchasing module present.

BigOven allows you to decide a recipe and then plan the grocery accordingly. It has a built-in library of recipes which are sorted by category. You can easily create a shopping list while you choose any of the recipes. BigOven provides all the detailed instructions without making it too complicated for the user in a smart and concise manner.

Here are some excellent features of BigOven:

» You can keep snapshots of your own recipes.
» You can organize the ingredients for a week’s cooking using the weekly organizer.
» You can check out what your friends have on their mind and share your cooking experience too.
» You get tasty recipes of seasonal meals for the whole year.


How developing a recipe app can help you to generate millions of dollars?


Forks over Knives recipe app

FOK app is actually influenced by a documentary of the same name. It was brought to people in the year 2011. Various researches found that people are changing their diet from animal-based to plant-based and that can actually help to control and eliminate diseases like diabetes and cancer.

In the android version of this app, they have made various sections for the recipes in order to get the categories defined.

Here are how the categories look like:

» Breakfasts
» Sides & Salads
» Pasta & Noodles
» Soups & Stews
» Amazing Grains
» Baked & Stuffed
» Wraps & Burgers
» Condiments & Sauces
» Decadent Desserts

Once, you have decided the category of the meal that you want to cook, you are presented with the main recipe. There are three tabs for each dish: summary, ingredients, and method. Through the first tab, you are presented with a summary of the dish. The next ingredient tab helps you to make a shopping list for the ingredients that you don’t have. In the method tab, you are presented with the step-by-step working of the recipe and even the ingredients that are involved in each step.

How developing a recipe app can help you to generate millions of dollars?The app also lets you mark a recipe as your favourite so that you can go back to it anytime you want to. You can even share the recipes on various social sites through this app. However, it is a paid app and costs $6 dollars, but worth it!


Food Network in the Kitchen

Food Network in the kitchen is also another food recipe app with their own recipe collection. The recipes available on this app are shared by well-known chefs. The app also has a navigation system and videos to guide you through complex food recipes. The app also has a search feature which you can use to find a particular recipe by a particular chef.

Here are some excellent features of this app:

» Video instructions
» Search by ingredient or chef
» Unit converter
» Adding notes to each recipe

How developing a recipe app can help you to generate millions of dollars?Interesting, isn’t it? You can make your own recipe app like this and make more money.

Coruscate is one such company which can help you build such an app with the best features. Our talented team of developers has a lot of experience in building such apps. Connect with us to discuss further your requirements and we can help you make it big with your own recipe app.

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