Build EV charging station app like ChargePoint- the revolution that can be a reality for your e-scooter business

EV charging station app like ChargePoint

With the booming e-scooter business, the charging stations are having an opportunity to have a great business in the market.

The majority of electric scooters get charged at home or at work. But if those places are not at option what happens to the charging? Gas stations can be much easier to find but when it comes to electric charging stations many electric scooter drivers turn to their favorite apps to find a charging station near them on their planned route.

About EV Charging Station – ChargePoint

The ChargePoint app is the biggest and most popular charging network in the whole world. They have more than 14000 charging stations and they even have more than 65% market share. It was ranked as the number 1 app by a leading research firm. ChargePoint is known for its advanced hardware and best-in-class cloud-based software.

Many leading EV hardware makers are using ChargePoint’s open network and they are even encouraging the electric vehicle charging manufacturers to join.

ChargePoint is also managing the mobile app that provides EV drivers with real-time information. They update the e-scooter drivers with the information which includes the availability of charging locations throughout the nation. They claim that a driver connects to the ChargePoint app. They also claim of having 3 million charging sessions. By using the ChargePoint app the drivers have saved over 2.6 million gallons of gasoline and avoided 20 million pounds of CO2 emissions.

The ChargePoint Network was founded in the year 2007 and its current president is Pasquale Romano. The company took over 9800 electric vehicles charging spots from GE. They managed over 34900 charging stations in countries like Mexico, Australia, Canada, and even the United States. The company has generated over $240 million. This year they also agreed to provide common access to their US customers along with VW’s Electrify America.

They have recently released a statement on the announcement of the Open Charge Point Protocol also called OCPP. Although the company’s network has included OCPP for too long, they are now planning to include OCPP in the hardware from this giant network supplier too. They have been a supporter of OCPP from a very long time. They also have pushed to maintain the EV charging standards. The network has been managing OCPP station hardware for many years. And now, they are even making the ChargePoint hardware OCPP complaint as taking an important step in the development industry. They are also considering that this step will help them to achieve their goal of getting more charging stations in the ground and EVs on the road.

How can OCPP be the future of mobility and make our world livable?

Coruscate has already done a lot of research and we have always proved that the electric scooters are the future of transportation. Be it any country, there are pushing car manufacturers who produce more electric vehicles and they are making it for the betterment of the future. There is an urgency to go after more electric vehicles which are more environmentally friendly and at the same time pocket-friendly transportation.

There has been a remarkable increase in the number of electric scooters on the streets everywhere. There are more than 5 million EVs were running on the roads at the beginning of 2019 according to the Global EV Outlook. The number has increased by 73% in just one year.

With the rapid expansion in the EV market and EV business, other sub-businesses have also blossomed. They are the most profitable sub-businesses other than the e-scooter rental business. The USA will be in need of more 330,000 EV charging stations by 2020 to satisfy the large demand in the EV market according to American Progress.

But along with the opportunities come the challenges. EV charging stations don’t work like conventional gas stations. They are intelligent and have the capacity to interact with the principal management system. These EV owners enable their vehicles to charge by scanning the code. They are given the estimates about the time to fully charge the EV. The apps can accept the payments and the charging stations actually alter the power supply based on the need or battery capacity.

What is the OCPP protocol?

The Open Charge Point Protocol OCPP protocol or was defined by the OCPP forum. It was led by two companies from the Netherlands. This was just a simple syntax or a language to allow communication between two charging stations and their management systems.

Here are some advantages of the OCPP protocol:


  • Reservation: E-scooter rider can book his place from the app.
  • Remote Trigger: Charging station partners can remotely manage the functionality of charging stations.
  • Intelligent Charging: Charging station automatically decreases or rises the power supply for the purpose of the highest ever performance.
  • Data transfer: Any extremely crititcal data including user data and charging station data can be distributed between EV charging station management software, different mobile apps, and EV charging stations.
  • Diagnosis: It anticipates problems from befalling and gives warning signs in advance. It is also capable of identifying and solving problems remotely.
  • Reporting: OCPP obtains a complete knowledge of the charging station’s prevailing state and reports it to the system administrators.


Working of the EV charging station with OCPP

The process starts as soon as the charging station is turned on. The OCPP protocol tries to make contact with the EV charging station management software. The software then verifies the identity of the charging station. If it is ideally there, it gets accepted otherwise things go back to the error mode.

When the charging station is verified, the IT backend sends out a signal to the EV charging station management system at an interval to inform that the charging station is still working. As a response, the IT backend sends out the current date and time to the charging station.

The authorization process is started as soon as there is a user request to start the charging. This either allows or declines the charging request. If allowed, the power supply nozzle is unlocked and plugged in the e-scooter which needs charging. Again, OCPP sends out a transaction message which denotes the process is started. When a user needs to stop charging he needs to identify himself again at the charging station via his mobile app and once the StopTransaction message is sent to the charging station to stop the charging the user is ready to take off.

Build EV Charging station app For you

How Coruscate can help you to build an app for your electric charging station.

A billion-dollar EV industry is making the EV charging station business the hottest one to opt for. The clever OCPP protocol is making a charging station quick by creating many business opportunities. We can help you to build an amazing EV charging station mobile app to make a place in the booming EV industry and to generate huge revenues by getting more customers in every corner of the world. Connect with us to discuss further and get going with our excellent solutions.

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