Electric bike rentals like Smide and micro-mobility solutions have a wide scope in the future of transportation

Electric bike rentals like Smide and micro-mobility solutions have a wide scope in the future of transportation

The e-scooters are being backed up by hundreds of millions in venture capital. But there are more and more companies looking to dominate the budding shared micro-mobility market. With the increase in awareness about environmental hazards happening due to extreme usage of cars and other vehicles causing pollution. People are moving towards the eco-friendly method of transportation like electric bike rental.

The upcoming method of transportation among them is Bond mobility. It is a Switzerland based startup offering high-performance dockless bikes. They claim not only to conquer the e-scooter audience but also leave the cars behind. The company is best useful for customers who want to get to their destinations as soon as possible. These bikes can travel at a speed of 30 miles per hour which is twice the speed that is considered safe by the electric scooter companies.

There are companies like Scoot who offer the electric mopeds having the speed of 30 miles per hour and requiring only little in-app instructions. But the Bond bikes are way easier to use than these mopeds because the dockless electric bicycle rental services allow the e-bikes to be parked almost anywhere unlike the mopeds which need to be parked in the parking space only.

The Bond bikes are currently available in Zurich and Bern in Switzerland. The company expected to launch its bikes on the roads of the US very soon. There is a law in California which states that any mobility which can’t run over 30 miles per hour can be rented. So, companies like Bond have a chance of exploring the streets of California.

Here is a map showing the availability of the bikes in Zurich and Bern.

Let’s discuss a little more about Bond.

As per a recent report in TechCrunch, Bond has raised $20 million in the series A funding round and has managed these investments coming from DENSO’s New Mobility Group, which includes Toyota and SoftBank. The founder of Bond, Kirt McMaster always has been a risk-taker. The Bond bikes use the hardware from an e-bike company named Stromer. Though it is very new and has not yet proved its worth the founder talks of his products to be very worthy and in his own words the speed e-bike is the apex predator and have the capability to leave the better-funded e-scooters behind in the competition.

How does Smide work?

When you think of traveling from A to B opting for a fast e-bike can help you discover the city without getting frustrated with waiting times, traffic jams or crowded trams. The Smide e-bikes are fast, flexible and effortless. You can rent the e-bike through an app, and off you go. Once you reach your destination, you can park the bike anywhere within the city confinements.

The price of e-bike rental maintenance is all inclusive in 0.25 CHF per minute. You can take your e-bike to any of the bonus zone or charging station to get awarded with free minutes. They have free registration and do not charge any deposit. The business model even has some great subscriptions available for the users.

With the electronic pedal assist, these e-bikes are much faster to ride than a normal bike. The strong support allows you to climb without sweating.

e bike app development 2
Scope for the electric bikes and other shared micro-mobilities and the market research:

Micro-mobility could theoretically cover all the passenger trips of less than 5 miles. It can account for 50 to 60 percent of total miles traveled by passengers in China, Europe, and the United States as well.

Suppose, 60% of the car trips have been less than 8 kilometers, they could benefit from the micro-mobility solutions instead. These solutions cover 20% of public transport and help in filling out the first and the last mile gap. It also covers the trips that are done by private bikes, moped, scooter or walking today.

According to a recent McKinsey study, it was found the shared micro-mobility market is expected to reach $200 billion to $300 billion in the US, $100 billion to $150 billion in Europe and $30 billion to $50 billion in the country of China by the end of 2030.

Here is a chart showing when the e-scooter business proves economical for you:

Here is a chart showing when the e-scooter business proves economical for you:
It is much easier to scale up the shared micro-mobility assets than any other car-sharing business.

The above cases represent a healthy market but what is it that you need to disrupt a trillion-dollar micro mobility business? For this market potential, the cities need to support the shared micro mobility proactively.

The micro mobility phenomenon has the potential to disrupt the industry but if the disruption will cause the hype will depend on how cities react to the services. While people are hoping that the share micro mobility will become an antidote to the congestion and pollution and it is also a way to provide the commuters with a far more enjoyable way to travel around the cities. But in addition to getting their own businesses to the top, the players in shared micro mobility sector should actually support each other and take proactive roles in lobbying for and shaping the industries in cities.

Well, after reading the scope of all the electric vehicles and the growing market, if you are ready to dive down into the micro-mobility industry, the first thing that you need is a mobile app.

We are a company dealing with more than 10000 queries regarding electric scooters and bike rental apps. We have successfully delivered more than 50+ micro- mobility apps and our clients are really satisfied with their business outcome.

Here is the cost for basic features of the e-scooter app development:

Escooter app development cost
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