Wind Dockless scooters powered by IoT and Bluetooth integrated app, Its future of scooter rental services

dockless scooter iot integration

The electric scooter sharing is a part of micro-mobility transportation and the trend is spreading across the cities throughout the world in recent years. These scooters are designed to get people their convenient way of last mile transportation. There is no doubt, with each passing day, scooters are invading cities.

The scooters that we are talking about are dockless ones. These scooters are the ones which are rented and charged per minute, they are battery powered and can zoom down at a speed of 15 mph. These scooters have been available right in the 90s but the technology has made them available outfitted with GPS trackers and wireless connectivity.

Let’s discuss one such dockless e-scooter sharing service app called Wind.

Wind Mobility:

It is a company offering inexpensive, easy and fast transportation for the commuters to travel short distances in cities. The company is based in Berlin. Wind has been in the process of developing its first proprietary model of electric scooters. The point makes these scooters different from others is that they are specifically designed for the scooter sharing market.

Most of the scooters on the market are purchased from Ninebot. These scooters are mostly designed for personal use rather than sharing and so they are not much sturdy for continuous business use. However, unlike these scooters from Ninebot, the scooters built by Wind are specifically designed for sharing and are adorned with longer battery range and swappable battery. These scooters have more capability to hills and they are more fit for sharing. They have even customized their e-scooters to adopt the customer needs and regulatory requirement for certain cities.

Wind mobility has also developed a proprietary IoT technology and communication module for the scooter sharing system. They claim that the module gives out better location accuracy for its scooters. They say that the system is even capable of delivering over-the-air updates to control the functionality of its scooters remotely.

For example, the system can get a scooter light to flash with just a tap on the Wind app. This helps the users and other operational personnel to spot the scooters more easily even at night. The operators are even able to change the speed limit of the fleet in each city through their servers. They can even limit the speed to zero through the communication module if the scooter is taken outside the operating area.

Like every other e-scooter sharing service, the Wind mobility also works to solve the mobility issues in the cities in cooperation with the local government. They also aim to reduce the congestion and pollution in the cities.

The Wind CEO claims that there is huge scope for the scooter sharing services in Europe. There is a growing demand from the city officials to convert the people to use these electric scooters rather than going for cars. Wind aims to be ahead in this transformation.

Imprints of WIND E scooter sharing company – Updated on 13th July 2019


Wind mobility is currently active in the countries of Spain, France, Germany, United States, Portugal, Austria, Israel, Denmark, Korea, and Japan

WIND e scooter sharing companies success :


Wind Mobility, the Berlin and Barcelona-based micro mobility startup are disclosing a $50 million in its series A funding. The new round is supported by their existing investors. The company has previously raised $22 million funding from Chinese Source Code Capital and Europe’s HV Holtzbrinck Ventures. This happened when they shifted from bike rentals to focus on e-scooters.

Wind is also revealing the third generation e-scooters which are designed from the ground up for micro mobility sharing. The new bikes are more durable and have much better battery life. They also have the ability to drive 65-80 km between rounds. The battery is hot-swappable. They are much more efficient to run the Wind e-scooter service. This can help to ensure more scooters remain in circulation at any given time. This can potentially increase the revenue per scooter and there is also a reduction in the cost of assembling the dead batteries. These dead batteries can be taken for re-charging as they can be de-coupled from the scooter itself.

The new scooter has the highest waterproofing with the IP67 standard.  It has improved endurance and could be used in a tough sharing environment. This has helped the startup to be strong economically. The e-scooter companies using off-the-shelf-e-scooters created for single ownership and not for commercial purpose.

Here is a chart showing the Wind app ranks 4th in Israel in the Travel and local category:

Dockless scooters powered by IoT and Bluetooth integrated app is the future of scooter rental services

How does the IoT work with an e-scooter sharing app?

There is a cloud-based solution to enable the sharing of the electric scooters. That includes the capturing and sharing of your scooter utilization data. The data is then used to display the real-time location of the scooters on the company’s computer. Another important thing that you need with your e-scooter is technology with sensors and connectivity that is required to identify the vehicle locations and optimize asset use.

This data enables a person to locate a nearby e-scooter and then pay via app to access it. The e-scooter rental company can check out the history, location, battery status of the e-scooter and other such information directly on their screen.

IoT technology comes in handy when your fleet is spread throughout the city and you need to keep a check on each of your assets. Rather than keeping a manual check, using IoT can help you work efficiently with less manpower. Using a GPS system of user’s cell phone to keep a tab is not as efficient as IoT as it degrades the phone’s battery.

How WIND’s e scooter app works?

Dockless scooters powered by IoT and Bluetooth integrated app is the future of scooter rental services

Using WIND is as simple as any other e-scooter sharing apps. You can find an e-scooter through the Wind app. Once you find an e-scooter, make sure you adhere to the safety rules. Use helmet while riding. Scan your QR code to unlock and start your ride.

You can take a 10-minute break in between your ride and then click to continue the ride. The payments for the rides can be done securely through the app. Once you reach the destination, you can end your ride with just a tap of the button.

Cost to develop E-scooter app like Wind or Wind  E scooter app clone

We have developed many e-scooter applications for our clients that are running successfully on roads. We believe each business, even if related to the same industry is different. Each e-scooter company has its own USP. Likewise, every app for electric scooter rentals is different. We believe in building from scratch as there is no such thing as a script. App store doesn’t allow clone apps to be listed. So, we build fresh and fantastic every time. We believe in providing our clients with the best possible solution every time we start the e scooter app development.

The cost of an app depends on its features and time required to build it. Here is a chart for the cost and time required to build basic features of the e-scooter app.

Escooter app development cost

However, if you wish to build your app with IoT, it time and cost differs based on whichever features you need and include in the app. But, looking at the current scenario, we can definitely say that IoT powered scooters are the future. We can build an app powered by IoT with amazing features and a great user interface for your business to get a kickstart in the industry.

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