Zomato Acquired eBikeGo for food deliveries : Know market opportunities of the e-scooter rental business and how to build e scooter app like eBikeGo + How to Make an App Like eBikeGo + Create an App like eBikeGo + Apps Like eBikeGo + Develop Alternative of eBikeGo

Know market opportunities of the e-scooter rental business and how to build an app like eBikeGo which will now provide e-scooters to Zomato for food delivery

Know market opportunities of the e-scooter rental business and how to build e scooter rental app like eBikeGo which will now provide e-scooters to Zomato for food delivery

Zomato Acquired eBikeGo for food deliveries : Know market opportunities of the e-scooter rental business and how to build e scooter app like eBikeGo

E-scooter rental apps and on-demand food delivery apps are attracting more users than any other apps. These two types of apps have become the very important part of the people’s modern lifestyle, as e- scooter rental and on-demand food delivery both apps are satisfying the basic two needs of the people which are an affordable and painless mode of transportation and having access to the diverse cuisines. That is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that a few e-scooter sharing companies are becoming the fastest growing companies and on-demand food delivery market is moving further and will hit to $161 billion by 2023.

Until now, on-demand food delivery market and e-scooter sharing market was treated separately. But looking at the advantages of the e-scooters, food delivery companies are entering into the partnership with e-scooter sharing service provider companies to solve a few prolonged problems. Recently, a top on-demand food delivery company Zomato melts into an e-scooter rental company called eBikeGo to solve its two major issues.

In order to know, how e-scooters are solving problems of the on-demand food delivery apps, let’s first understand the issues associated with on-demand food delivery business.

Problems in the on-demand food delivery services

Although top on-demand delivery app development companies are using cutting edge technologies to build the innovative delivery app, certain problems are still popping out related to the tracking feature of the app. Nevertheless, a food delivery driver is moving with the user’s food, the icon in the user app, which shows the current location of the driver doesn’t move. This problem occurs regularly because they are tracking the location of the delivery driver through the GPS of his mobile and by using the internet. While mobiles of the delivery drivers are not connected to the internet or not capturing the GPS signal, this method of fetching the live location of the delivery drivers is very inefficient

Another problem on-demand food delivery service providers are facing is related to the satisfaction of the delivery drivers. Delivery drivers are paid based on the distance they drive to deliver the food. But most of the drivers demands to get a few more bucks for the fuel. They are independent contractors, and so, food delivery companies are not paying separately for the fuel. What makes the situation, even more, worst is that a major percentage of their income is spent on fuel and they can’t make good money. Thus, it is an urgency to provide them with an affordable mode of transportation.

How e-scooters solve major two problems of the on-demand food delivery service?

E-scooter app development companies are integrating IoT technologies which let app users know the location of the e-scooters in real time. So, rather than tracking the location of delivery drivers through their mobile phones, it is more rational idea to track the location of the e-scooters which are IoT integrated and can provide higher accuracy than typical mobile phone based tracking technology.

Moreover, e-scooter is, of course, more affordable than any other mode of transportation. If on-demand food delivery companies provide the e-scooters to the delivery drivers, they can manage to earn more per delivery. With the same motive, Zomato signed a contract with eBikeGo. Zomato is planning to distribute e-scooters to the delivery drivers at the cost of just $2 per day. CEO of the Zomato is excited to offer an eco-friendly mode of transportation to the delivery drivers. He mentioned that now those people can also join the delivery team of the Zomato who can’t afford the usual motorbikes.

In the next section of the blog, we will become acquainted with the company details of eBikeGo and market possibilities to develop an app like eBikeGo.

Insight into eBikeGo – which has revolutionized the business model of the e-scooter rental business.

eBikeGo is India-based e-scooter rental platform which was founded in 2017 by Dr Irfan Khan. Irfan founded this company to provide Eco-friendly transportation services in the highly polluted cities of India. In one of his interviews, Irfan has revealed his ambition behind starting this company. He stated that they are aiming to capture 2-3 % of the bike commuters who use bikes for business and tourist purpose in India. Currently, eBikeGo is available in only major cities of India, but they are hoping to start their business operations in more 100 cities of India soon. They are using Okinawa Ridge plus electric scooters to not only offer e-scooter rental service but to offer delivery service and taxi service. By utilizing, eBikeGo delivery services through its app, you can order food and groceries. Additionally, by using their taxi service, you can book the taxi and driver comes to you on the e-scooter to pick you up.

How eBikeGo has revolutionized the business model of the e-scooter rental business?

eBikeGo has opened up more doors to earn more money from the e-scooter rental platform. Unlike other e-scooter rental startups, eBikeGo follows a path to take the all possible advantage from the available company assets. Though eBikeGo is the e-scooter rental company, they have figured out the way to earn more by using the fleet of the e scooters. Hence, they have launched its taxi service and food delivery service that don’t need any other resources than e-scooters. Letting Zomato use their e-scooters is one of the best examples of how the scope of e-scooter rental service is expanding.

How to Make an e scooter App Like eBikeGo, Develop Alternative app of eBikeGo, eBikeGo alternative app features to consider

Let’s discuss why it is the safe bet to build e scooter rental app like eBikeGo.

What are the market possibilities of developing an e scooter rental app like eBikeGo?

Roaming around the city on tiny e-scooters is always fun. Moreover, it is the scalable, reliable, affordable and clean mode of transportation. Not only in developed countries, but people in developing countries also prefer to travel a short distance on the e-scooters. So, more and more e-scooter rental companies are hitting the market with the fleet of e-scooters and a mobile app. However, they all are following the same business model and rely only on a few revenue streams. They don’t seem thrilled to explore the new possibilities. But a team of Coruscate Solution has researched and found out a few very profitable market possibilities of the e-scooter rental app.

  • Like eBikeGo has started its own food delivery service and taxi service with its fleet of e-scooters and mobile app, you can also start other services while continuing the main e-scooter rental service through your e-scooter rental app. Coruscate Solutions can help you to accommodate more than one services in your e-scooter rental app.
  • You can tie up with different companies of the various industries which need the eco-friendly and affordable transportation solution.
  • If you don’t have enough capital to buy the fleet of e-scooters or don’t want to manage the fleet of the e-scooters, you can develop only an e-scooter rental mobile app and let other people register on your platform to deploy and manage the fleet of their e-scooters. This is the very rare and profitable business model which a community-driven e-scooter sharing platform named DAV is following.

Coruscate Solutions is one of the top e-scooter app development company. Our highly skilled developers and designers can develop eBikeGo like app from scratch. We have earned expertise to integrate IoT technologies into an e-scooter rental app with no compatibility issues. We have a dedicated team who is always keeping eyes on the market possibilities to craft the robust business model for your business. So, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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