How did the strategies of Gotcha, a rising company to offer shared micro mobility helped its expansion and made way for its success?

How did the strategies of Gotcha a rising company to offer shared micro mobility helped its expansion and made way for its success

People have different types of vehicles from trucks, SUV’s and compacts to manage their commute around the city. So, if you want them to give up their favorite vehicle running on petrol and diesel, you should actually think of more than one type of alternative to offer them exciting transportation. The elevator pitch behind Gotcha, the electric mobility company is actually the same.

The company was founded by Sean Flood, who is the current CEO of the company also. Gotcha is a mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) company and it offers four sustainable transportation products like the 100% electric ride share, dockless bikes, scooters, and trikes. The company empowers people and communities to lead more productive and happy lives through eco-friendly transportation. They have designed each of their transportation specifically keeping in mind each of the markets needs where they serve.

Locations where Gotcha works

The company provides these micro-transit options to people in 50 cities and around more than 40 university campuses across the US. The company is basically dealing with providing electric vehicles, bikes, and scooters sharing services in areas where the rider takes rides from one part of the city to another or one part of the campus to another.

The standard rate for each electric vehicles is generally $3 within a fixed area.

USA map

Strategy to keep in mind from Gotcha On-Demand Electric scooter service provider to develop your own e scooter app.

Plans and strategies of Gotcha while expanding to different parts of the world:

Strategy and planning are essential for the steady growth of the business. Here are some strategies that Gotcha followed to be as successful as it is today.

Gotcha’s first university partnership happened almost 10 years ago. They joined hands with Florida State University. The e-vehicle company has more than 3500 vehicles, including scooters and bikes spread across the markets. It was expected that in the year 2019, the e-vehicle fleet will grow to 18000 to 20000.

Gotcha had initially introduced i-Ride ride-share in Sarasota. Its business model was based on various advertisings displayed on vehicles and the subsidies that the company had received for 18 months from the city. In its first year, the company provided 50000 rides. They did not keep any cost for riding the vehicles apart from the ability to tip the drivers. When they launched the Gotcha vehicle share, they converted the model to pay per trip model.

The company has more than seven vehicles operating in Sarasota. They have launched any bikes or scooters. In 2018, the company had launched 18 to 20 bike shares.

Gotcha never tries the product launching just by dropping the vehicles and deploying them directly as the other e-scooter share companies did in the past. They have signed partnership agreements with the city campuses in order to operate. This has avoided the loss that other e-scooter companies had incurred when they were being banned.

Gotcha’s research about the market has made them go for $3 per ride. They seem to be converting any of the locations that have not been historically paid. These vehicle that Gotcha has deployed are absolutely cashless and the riders can pay using their credit card. This way the company can gather all the data that helps them with ridership tracking.

Gotcha needs a densely populated area for its e-vehicles to work. Their strategy was to deploy their services in the areas where the people are staying in large numbers as well it is a tourist place. Because in such places, people have become more apt to use ride-share services.

The company has huge investments and they have a huge amount of money involved in the expansion to Sarasota. The company has a place rented in the city where all the vehicles are sent for charging at the end of the day. But according to the CEO, an electric vehicle is cheaper to operate than a gas-powered vehicle.

The main competitors of Gotcha in Sarasota are Uber and Lyft. But the business model of Gotcha makes it possible for them to provide more cost-effective shorter trips around the town in comparison to other companies.

Another difference that makes Gotcha unique is that they employ their own drivers and own their vehicles.

Like other ride-sharing companies, Gotcha too has its challenge in expansion and sustainability. What is it? According to the CEO, making people aware of the service is most challenging. So, the strategy while rolling out their business in Sarasota was to go for a digital as well as the physical campaign to promote transportation. They also believed that if you provide a good rider experience then the word-of-mouth spreads automatically ensuring your outreach. The company feels its business model has the potential for being profitable and can have a good number of riders.

Unique app:

Gotcha has got all of its rides covered in just one app. Be it an electric bike, scooter or rideshare, customers can easily access all the vehicles right through a single app making it easier for them rather than downloading 3 different apps for the rides. All you need to do is find an unlock request and you are good to go.

Amazed? Aren’t you? Why not design an intelligent app like Gotcha for your travel business and get the wheels rolling? You need to develop a single app for e-scooter, taxi and bikes access to reach your customers in a more convenient manner.

Here is the cost of basic E-scooter app development:

Escooter app development cost

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