5 Offbeat Features From Zomato and Swiggy to Keep in Mind While Developing Online Food Delivery Mobile App


When work takes a toll on life, people feel like having readymade food. After reaching home from a long day at work, nobody wants to cook food. They want the food to come to them. Food delivery app does wonders at such times. The on-demand food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy have grown a great deal in these years.

Ever wondered what is the reason behind the success of these apps? Let us dig deep to know the secret of Zomato and Swiggy and how they could conquer the food industry.


When we study more deeply, we understand the base of their growth are the user-friendly features. They are tried and tested and good to go features which you can consider if you want to build/create your own online food delivery app like Zomato or Swiggy.

Let me share 5 offbeat features that make Zomato and Swiggy the giants of food delivery.

» Vast choices of restaurants:

These on-demand food delivery apps provide a variety of restaurants to choose from. You do not have to call a restaurant to order in anymore. The restaurant list is displayed with the time taken to deliver the orders. In these restaurants, there are customized offers provided based on the customer profiles. You can also be eligible to get the discount rates as mentioned in the restaurant profiles.

» Scheduling order:

If you wish to order your food in advance, you might want to schedule the time of delivery. This will help you to get your order delivered when you without having to wait for anything. The automated order system processes an order without you having to do anything order than just relax and wait for your order. You can have two type of deliveries either you can pick up your food on your way home or you can have a delivery executive deliver the food for you. You can pay for your food online or in cash to the delivery person.

» GPS live tracking:

The user needs an update every now and then, once the order is placed. The GPS live tracking and the automated system helps in getting the update for the user. The user gets to know if their order is accepted, is in the kitchen, on the way or delivered. The user is able to track the delivery executive and can know his exact location. Also, the user gets an access to the delivery person’s phone number. So, they can get in touch with the person and query about the order delivery. If there is a change of address, it can be communicated through the chat system or through a direct call to the executive.

» Genuine rating system:

A rating system shows your overall progress. The ratings that are provided to certain food order or a restaurant help other audience to judge the food before ordering. The ratings that are provided to the delivery executives help in making the user experience more personal. The delivery executive doesn’t remain just a spot on the GPS map, but is much more involved in the system. The rating system bridges the bond between the on demand food delivery app and the user and the user is provided with enhanced user experience.

» Internal Payment system:

It is an essential feature of any mobile app these days. Allowing users to pay internally by using credit card or any other mobile wallets makes it easier for them to make the payments. This feature will make it possible to pay when the order is placed. Enabling online payments even after the order is delivered could help if the user is out of cash.

You could consider to have these features while developing your online food delivery app. There are many other features like filters and basket to add items. These features will surely help you to take your food delivery business to next level. Also, you should consider targeting small and big restaurants both as you will be able to provide your users with more food choices.

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