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Uber released the first ever Uber electric bike under the brand name Jump, the company they acquired very recently. This dockless device is Uber’s commitment towards the go-green campaign. The users simply need to book a scoter and unlock the docked bikes, and ride them to their destination. Booking these dockless bikes is as simple as booking your other Uber rides.

The company has launched their electric bikes across various cities in the United States. Apart from US, the electric bikes are doing good business and have market in Europe as well as the Middle East.

Uber’s new venture is a direct competition to Lime, Bird and Lyft, who have already created a name for themselves in this space.

Let’s talk a little about the Uber Jump Bikes.

How to Make an e scooter App Like JUMP, Develop Alternative app of JUMP, JUMP alternative app features to consider

Creating Uber Jump Bikes App: An Introduction

The Uber Jump bikes were offering free rides to the users till the 7th of October, in order to win over the competition. They had allowed users to book the rides using the already downloaded Uber app for convenience and ease of use.

The company will charge $1 for unlocking the bikes and 15 cents per minute of the ride, post 7th of October. The first 5 minutes of the ride will be free. The users can park the bikes in the designated parking lots, on completion of the ride. If you don’t park them in the parking lots, you might face a $25 fine.

The current scooters used by the company are being manufactured by Ninebot, the company that owns Segway. They also supply the scooters to Lime, Lyft and Bird.

Currently, Uber is facing tough competition with the other already established players, which is why they are coming up with strategies and features that will help them ace the green movement.

The company is said to expand their escooters to other markets including 90 cities in USA and 6 in Europe.

What You Can Learn from Uber Bike Sharing?

Uber entered the same segment that Lyft, Lime and Bird have already occupied. However, they did it in a slightly different manner. Here’s how Uber did it differently and here are the lessons you can learn from the company.

  • Pilot testing is Important: They did not do a big launch immediately. They launched their electric bikes for the Santa Monica market initially, before starting out with expansions. They are testing the waters of this market, and trying to learn from the mistakes they might make, before they can move to the other US cities.

They started with providing free services till the 7th of October. The most important takeaway in this case is that you need to start small. Pilot test your idea, before you expand to other markets.

  • Build on the Brand: When it comes to brand awareness, then there is more awareness about the brand Jump in the electric scooter market as compared to the brand Uber. However, people do know that Uber offers ride-sharing services. When two major brands merge, they offer a powerful composition to the others. Uber built it’s existence on the brand power that Jump held in the escooter market, and opted to beat the existing competition in the segment.

You need to understand the importance of brand, and the concept of brand equity in order to succeed with the new business venture that you are planning to roll out. If you have an app idea for the escooter market and want to boost your business in a way that Uber did, then you ought to build on the brand equity and understand the concept.

Uber does not have a secondary app for you to book the escooters. They have allowed you to book the scooters within their ride-sharing app itself. This means, you have to download a single app, and you gain access to multiple ride options. This way, if you don’t want the dockless bike, but want to share a ride, you don’t have to move out of the existing app.

How does this help? You are able to engage the users in the single app for a longer time, and the app usage increases. In fact, it also helps improve your business. From the user’s perspective, it is pretty easy to use and convenient.

Here are the must-have features within the app for Uber-like escooters.

Features that You Cannot Miss Out

1. Easy unlock: The bikes should be easy to unlock. Including a feature wherein the user can unlock using the QR code or by scanning the pin, should allow them to easily unlock and quickly get access to the bikes. This feature will make things convenient to the user.

2. Track the Bike: The inbuilt GPS system and the map-based navigation within the app will allow you to track the location of the bike, and make sure you get to the location as soon as possible.

3. Easy to Locate: Identifying scooters in the nearby location should be made easy by the app. Allow the app to search for the user’s current location and identify bikes that they can unlock and use at the earliest, with much less travel time. This feature will make it easy for the users to find a bike, unlock and drive. The in-built GPS systems within the bikes will make including this feature easy for you.

4. Price Estimation: Every user wants to know the approximate price that will be charged by the company for the destination they want to travel to. Make sure you have a price estimator, which will help them know the charges and will make it simpler for them.

Last but not the least, make sure you use the ride-sharing app to add the escooter feature, which will make it easier for the user, and increase their engagement. You will also benefit from this, as a result.

Summing up

Everything that is successful is not just well-planned, but also well-executed. If you have an idea, but don’t know how to implement it or, you are not sure how to proceed, just connect with us at Coruscate. We will partner with you to fulfill your technology needs and ensure you get a well-defined strategy for your app idea.

You can email us or call us, and our team will get back within 24 hours to address your queries for e scooter app development.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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