Build an App for Roadside Assistance like Uber for Tow Truck or HONK


Last week, George got a call from his girlfriend, Katty. She needed help as her car was sitting dead on the road of Los Angeles. Her car was out of fuel and needed to be towed to the fuel station. George ordered an Uber and was there within 15 minutes. The next task they had was to search for the nearby towing companies on Google. The ratings of the nearby companies were not even satisfactory but they quoted a high price for towing.

George was left thinking if in the time of need he has to part with a huge amount. For a man who was stuck in such a situation of turmoil, HONK was a sigh of relief. It is nothing but an Uber for roadside assistance.

Recently, HONK,the uber for tow trucks services, a marketplace for towing services has raised $18 million in a new round of funding. As mentioned in Techcrunch, the company said, it would use the funds to build on its network of 75,000 tow truckers and roadside assisters and a few new services for insurers, fleet managers and manufacturers.

HONK has developed an application which helps to find out available roadside assistance through your mobile, tablet or web. There is actually no membership fees to use their services. The free app connects drivers with roadside assistance partners in case of vehicle breakdown.

So, if you are out of battery or out of fuel, you have locked yourself out of your vehicle or if you urgently need a towing service to tow your broken car, Honk has found a solution for each of your problems.

This app is said to have brought a revolution in the roadside assistance industry. They are not just making it easier for the drivers but they have also provided a platform for the roadside assistance to be more accessible to their customers. This has helped the roadside industry to raise the number of customers and earn more business than before.

The services of HONK could be enjoyed around California, Arizona, Oregon, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, and Washington. HONK is a proud member of the Towing and Recovery Association of America, as mentioned on their website.

For the people who wish to have a taxi at their service on a push of a button, Uber is the most familiar name. But, what if you need a tow service, where do you have a button? HONK has reinvented the face of roadside recovery industry by developing on-demand road assistance app.

How could building an Uber-like tow trucking or an app like HONK help you?

Honk the roadside assistance service app

To stay growing, you need to adopt the technologies of the new age. Going online is the first step towards growth. Your roadside assistance needs to make a mark online to be acknowledged as an established business. For that, you need to have your own mobile app to provide your customers with ease of access.

You can either build an app to partner with the businesses providing roadside assistance or you could develop an on-demand roadside assistance app for your own business.

The app will follow the same structure as a basic Uber app. It will be built in 3 modules. One for the customer, one for the business or towing services and the admin module.

The customer module should have the following features:

» Login: A feature to authenticate the user.

» Search: To allow a user to search for nearby roadside assistance services.

» Book and Tracking: Booking a service based on the area and price estimation. The user should be able to track the ride once it is booked.

» Payments: In-app payments for hassle-free payments using a credit card or mobile wallet.

» Notifications: The user should get notification regarding the confirmation of a booking, service in progress and successfully completed. There can be notifications regarding various offers if available too.

The towing services module feature should be like:

» Registration: The person for towing vendor should be able to register his information.

» Accept/Reject booking: If the towing vendor is unavailable or is on another ride, he should be able to accept or reject the bookings as per his status.

» Payments: The vendor should be able to process payments online.

» GPS: In-built maps to track the exact location of the broken vehicle should be provided in an application.

» Notifications: The vendor should also get push notifications regarding each job.

The admin app will have control over both the driver and the towing services. You will be able to manage payments and customer queries through the admin app.

So, isn’t it great to have your personalized Uber-like towing app? The app can help you reach hundreds of people stuck in the corners of the world and will help your business grow far and wide.

Coruscate can help you build this innovative app with all the necessary features as per your requirements. We have built many Uber-like apps and have helped many Startups become enterprises! Give us a call and partner with us to give your customers a brand new and easy way to access roadside assistance.

Let’s build your own app

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