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How to Choose the Right Tech Stack for your Product?

How many times has technology boggled you? While you are an expert at using technology, choosing the right tech infrastructure for your business has never been your cup of tea. Choosing between

Ways to improve design process in a persona defined world

In the modern, digitally driven, contextual and mobile-first world, your customer-first attitude will help you scale and grow better. Most businesses believe they are giving the customers what they

How to Increase Conversions at Mobile Checkout in 2018?

We have transferred from the sit-at-one-place online consumer to the on-the-go consumer. We tend to search, research, compare and shop, while on the move. The famous “there is an app for

How to Build your Own Group Chat App like Telegram and WhatsApp?

The not-so subtle war between WhatsApp and Telegram is not hidden from us. With an aim to surpass its competitor, WhatsApp has introduced new additions to its Group feature, which will keep most

Top Custom Software Development Risks and Their Mitigations

As easy and effortless as it sounds, custom software development complex and requires you as the developer to juggle through various tasks simultaneously. From choosing the technology to

Top Reasons to Outsource your App Development Projects in 2018

For businesses, the important goal is to be more productive and achieve more than the previous year. When it comes to accomplishing your goals, you just keep adding things to the to-do

Why Python is Still Better Than Other Programming Languages?

In a pursuit to create simple coding and transparent style, the programmers have devised a number of languages, each richer than the other in their libraries and functionality. Python is a modern

Why Node.js 10 is Going to Rule the Enterprise Application in 2018?

It’s 9 years since Node.js came into existence, and each year it seems to be going strong. Node.js has served to be a strong base for several web applications and solutions.   The

Google’s Upping Its Game With These 6 Announcements
From Google I/O 2018

The Google I/O 2018 conference just ended and it seems like Google has already upped its game, and declared war with its competitors. The keynote carried important announcements that will enhance the

Everything you wanted to know about the photo and video apps

When you hear about new phones in the market, the one USP that sets them apart from the others is the MP of the camera. This is enough to tell you how important the camera is for the millennial