Bird electric scooter sharing app launches in Pittsfield

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Bird electric scooter successfully rolls out in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Bird is an electric scooter sharing app, which allows users to book and ride e-scooters through their phones. It has recently been launched in Pittsfield and has had 1000 rides in the first week. 

It is a successful venture for Bird and we see more and more people trying out the scooter-sharing app. 

To use the service, users have to 


  • Download the app from a platform. 
  • Sign in and spot an e-scooter around them using the map.
  •  The rides unlock with a QR code and the fare is based on the distance traveled. 
  • Once done, the amount is charged on credit cards and the user can park the e-scooter. 

The e-scooter is limited in how far it can go geographically to ensure safety of the riders. 

Micro-mobility has been witnessing rapid changes and growth with the widespread use of scooter-sharing apps. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% in 2022. The E-scooter market alone is more than a $29 billion dollar industry. 

A Bird spokesperson said in a statement,  We applaud the City of Pittsfield for their commitment to offering convenient, environmentally friendly and reliable transportation options to residents and visitors”

Why you should be developing an app like Bird 

Micro-mobility apps have been gaining popularity and apps like Bird and Lime have paved the way for other aspiring players of the industry. 

Customers are getting used to availing such services and especially through their phone. The convenience and price point it comes at, is an appealing offer to the masses. 

This industry of scooter-sharing apps is also an investor favorite. We have elaborated on that in this blog here. 

The demand is ripe, investors are on-board and the operational costs are minimal. This is quite a steal deal for entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry.  

Plus, this is a sunrise market. Especially in India, people are looking for alternatives to expensive public and private transport. Quick, convenient and budget-friendly commute is sought after by most customers.   You will need to map out a precise business plan with research and decide how exactly you want to go about this. 

Make sure the application, which in fact will be the prime interface between the customer and your business is efficiently working. The application should be in sync with the e-scooters available. 

There are many details you need to know before launching or developing scooter-sharing apps. You can read our detailed guide here to understand everything. 

How we can help you develop your app like Bird

Coruscate is the top e-scooter app development company that has developed many scooter-sharing apps for different markets. We accommodate 100+ app developers, app designers, IoT experts, business experts, and legal advisors who all work together to make your business journey painless. 

Our business experts help micro-mobility startups to draft the business plan, decide on the business model, select the e-scooter hardware and study the market. 

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