Best Scooter-Sharing Apps In 2022

Best Scooter-Sharing Apps in 2022


Enabling ease and changing our daily commuting, these are the best scooter-sharing apps of 2022.

Bird: Electric vehicle sharing application 

Bird is valued at $1 billion in 2022. It is based in California and operates throughout North America. It is one of the best scooter-sharing apps currently People can download the app on Playstore and App store and unlock the e-scooters through their phones that also features, 

  • Map integration
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Integrated payment gateway.                                                                                                                            

Lime: Your Ride Anytime 

Lime has recently partnered with Uber and is one of the best apps available for e-scooter sharing. Available on Android and iOS platforms. Lime is based in North America and operates in the U.S, Spain, Australia and UK. The app features, 

  • Finding a nearby Lime-S (scooter) 
  • Scanning the QR to unlock and lock 
  • Integrated payment gateway.  

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Skip: The best way to get there

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, Skip has raised $6million in funding. It is based in San-Francisco and is one of the best scooter-sharing apps available. Using the Skip application, users can book in advance the rides they wish to take and customers get access to the following features: 

  • Map integration 
  • Scheduled rides
  • Social Media sharing 
  • QR code scanning. 

Spin: Ride your way

Founded in 2016 by Derrick Ko, Euwyn Poon, and Zaizhuang Cheng, Spin is an electric scooter startup that has raised a total funding amount of $8 Million. Some of the features of this app include

  • Get first ride free once you enter your payment details 
  • Map integration 
  • QR lock and unlock system 

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Goat: Dockless Scooter Rental 

Based in Austin,Texas, GOAT, is an e-scooter sharing company that is currently in a pilot stage. It is acquiring licenses and is partnering with local cities to launch the service nation-wide in America. Some of the features it has:

  • Share with your friends and ride together 
  •  QR code integration 
  • Map integration 
  • Payment gateway integration 

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