5 Best On-Demand Grocery Apps In India In 2022

On-demand grocery apps have made it easier for everyone to order groceries conveniently from their homes. A few clicks from your phone and you get all your required items delivered to your home. In fact, the variety of options available on these apps could challenge the number of options you would normally get at your nearby supermarket. 

Here is a list of best on-demand grocery app in 2022 in India 

Big Basket

Backed by the power of TATA industries, big basket has aggressively pushed its brand to the center. The advertising has been aggressive and with all those funds backing them, Big basket has a big SKU. Big basket is not just a grocery store, but an online supermarket. 

At the moment, Big basket is leading the market with a 37% market share.

 It has a 10% refund policy if the products are not delivered within the promised time. Although it does not offer 10-minute or 20-minute deliveries, what has worked to its advantage is that it has been consistent. 

Big Basket has been consistent in delivering and operating pre, during and post the covid-19. 

While Zepto and Dunzo deliver more quickly, they are not operating all across India. These high-performance companies are not present in more than a few metropolitan cities. This is one of the best grocery apps in India. 


Formerly known as Grofers, Blinkit has recently been upgrading themselves to come out strong in the competition of on-demand grocery apps. It has promised 10-minute deliveries. The prices are competitive and the range of products is also quite impressive. It has branded itself around the speed of delivery. That is their focus and primary sales proposition. This is one of the best grocery apps in India 

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A rather new entrant in the on-demand grocery market. Dunzo has quickly climbed up and become one of the most popular and efficient on-demand service providers. The success of Dunzo has encouraged more investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to enter this market. 

 Dunzo owns the delivery layer wholly. It is not only an on-demand grocery app or a pick and drop service. It is an on-demand service done differently. 

The range of services Dunzo offers is unmatched at the moment. This makes the cut to be one of the best grocery apps in India. 


Zepto makes for the most interesting case. It was founded by two 19-year-olds and they  have scaled the company to $900 million in valuation as of 2022. 

Another encouraging development for Zepto has been the knowledge it has gained in recent months. Senior executives from Uber, Flipkart, Amazon, and Pharmeasy have joined the company.

Zepto promises grocery delivery in 10 minutes through a network of dark stores and micro warehouses.


Jiomart capitalized on the covid-19 led requirements. It was launched in December 2019, and only a few months later, pandemic lockdowns began. This gave an instant boost to the platform. 

With the launch of JioMart express, which is being tested in Navi Mumbai, Jiomart aims to become the largest online grocer. Jiomart is a leading investor in Dunzo  with $240 million dollars invested in January of 2022. 

In true Jio fashion, Jio Express will enter and probably disrupt the market with all the heavy funding backing it. 

So these were the 5 best online grocery apps available in India. If you are looking to become one of these and want to create your own on-demand grocery application, contact us at Coruscate. 

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