Healthcare application development and why it can be the best idea for a startup in 2020

Healthcare applications: types, features, and trends

The use of technologies such as smartphones, social media, web applications has not only changed the way we commute or ease the access to information but also improved the healthcare industry. According to the FDA, there are billions of users increasing every year across the globe. The reasons behind that are not unknown to people, as health is not only our need but also a necessity that’s why it is important to go and visit a doctor regularly. This sounds so good, but in reality, it is so much expensive and time-consuming thing to do. Thus, it is the right time to invest in healthcare application development.

If you want to develop then it is very important to understand the market and market players. To develop high performance and appealing applications you need to choose best and reliable application development services.

There are different types of healthcare applications in the market, all of them are solving different problems. You should analyze the best apps to examine the technology trends, core features, the future of the market to determine the successful ways to make healthcare applications.

Types of healthcare apps with their features

Top healthcare apps in-store with their distinctive features:


This blog will cover some popular and best which helps you to choose custom healthcare software development. If you want to study more about similar apps then, here is the link.

Name of the app

Important features


  • Guided meditation app
  • New meditation and Inspiring stories every day
  • Sleep exercises apart from routine exercises
  • Audio and visual effects


  • Easy access to medical news
  • Thousands of clinical procedures
  • Enhanced with plenty of images, audio, and videos
  • Clinical decisions supported by references 

VitalHub Chart

  • Real-time patient information through EMR
  • Different layouts for different  medical staff
  • Notification about patient’s health


  • Helps the patient to find nearest doctors
  • Ensure data privacy and security
  • Verified reviews

Health care app use for business – Campaigns, Awareness, Online consultation:


More and more healthcare providers are going for online healthcare applications to simplify communication between patients and medical officials. Let us see some more benefits to make things clear in your mind why you need one.

  • Convenience:

Rapid access to information, instant medical help of professionals, reduced cost and time of in-person doctor appointments makes healthcare applications more popular amongst patients as well as doctors.

  • Better clinical decision making:

Healthcare applications help doctors to make accurate choices in disease diagnosis and in treatment with its excellent features such as drug reference, medical journals, and medical calculator app.

  • Improved accuracy:

With accurate patient documentation, more frequent check for side effects, correct progress assessment, healthcare applications have reduced discrepancies in medical treatment and makes it more effective and accurate.

  • Better communication: 

Through its advanced features of Facetime call and live chat option, these apps make communication better between doctors and patients regardless of distance.

Why so many healthcare applications fail:


The common reasons are:

  • Not using user-friendly content and language
  • Develop without doing pepper research on the concept and purpose
  • The choosing software development company which has mediocre experience in developing healthcare application
  • Not following the regulatory guidelines
  • Includes so many bugs and failure due to poor performance testing
  • Fail at keeping up with confidentiality policy so there is a threat to your personal and sensitive data.

Start your healthcare application development with CORUSCATE:


Proper research and deep understanding of the industry and skilled development team, which have great experience in mobile app development and excellent user experience, will help make the best and secure mobile application with your idea. We also have some amazing features to help you stand apart from the competition.

The cost to develop a healthcare application:


It is very much difficult to give exact numbers because the cost of development depends upon many factors such as app features, development platform, time to market, regulations, and compliances, testing and maintenance and so on. But the approximated price, keeping in mind the basic features would be anywhere between $20000 to $50000.

Summing up


If you have an idea to develop a similar app, then don’t wait for the ideal time, but just find the right developer to get on with it. If you still have any doubts regarding mobile application development then feel free to contact our technical team.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

Let’s build your own app

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