Best Features to Consider While Developing Trip Planning App for Your Travel Startup


We all love to travel and explore new countries, regions, and places around the globe. But when it comes to managing or planning a trip, many of us find it challenging. From booking tickets to hotel reservations and packing to collecting passports, it becomes a tough challenge for everyone to handle this successfully.

With the rise of travel planning apps today in the market, planning and organizing a trip has been comfortable. Using the trip planning app, any place people wish to visit, the hotel where they want to stay, and food to eat are just a few simple taps away on the smartphone. You can find a lot of app for all types of trips and tourists needs from its planning to booking.

According to the study by Opera Mediaworks, mobile is the top medium for travel research and booking. In addition to that, It is found that more than 66% of people like to search for travel places on their mobile devices.

If you are operating a travel startup company, make sure that you develop your own compelling trip planning app, enabling your customers to plan and organize a trip using the top helpful features.

What Unique Features Your Trip Planning App Requires?

Here are a couple of features of travel planner apps, which travel startup organizations can consider while building a travel planner app for smartphones.

Creating Trip Itineraries:


If you have decided to create all in one best trip planner app, helping users to plan their trip, then the main feature to include is trip itineraries in the app. It allows your app users to create a trip itinerary, including all their trip details.

A useful itinerary asks the user to specify the locations that they want to visit and automatically generates a travel plan from it.

Take a look at services like TripIT that automatically converts its users’ emails into a master itinerary for each trip, so all their plans can be found at just one single place. To build the best travel itinerary app that stays ahead, you can let your users generate a trip with just a few simple taps on the screen.

Enabling Geo-Tracking:


An important aim for catching the gold mine in travel app development comes from the successful integration of GPS based location services.

After dropping at a specific stop the first thing that a tourist wants to check out is a hotel, cafe or a closet local attraction. Your travel app should get a GPS lock, trace your location and instantly retrieve results.

Calendar Setup and Sync


In a trip planning app, calendar and schedules in sync features play a vital role. By setting up that properly, app users can easily keep travel plans and schedules.

They can keep a mobile calendar in sync with all the travel plans so that it works with Google Calendar or Outlook. However, just make sure that your travel planner app supports any device.

Apart from this, the schedule is also important to consider as users can have all the plans scheduled in one place and will never forget about them.

Push Notifications and Alerts


The next feature for a travel startup or organizer can consider is sending notification and alert about the trip planning, flight bookings, delays and cancellations detail. By offering quick updates and reminders about flight timings, bookings, and hotel check-in time, you can keep your users up to date through your trip planning app.

Thus, push notification and alerts are considered as the must-have feature for users as it will be helpful for them to remind about the plans and flight timings.

In-App Language Translator


Sometimes, it may happen that travelers do not know the regional language where they travel and suffer in communication. Apps like Google Translate and iTranslate allow travelers to scan texts for visual translation, translate real-time voice data and written text too.

Travel startup must discuss this feature with travel app development companies taking this into consideration if they want to create a win-win situation and offer a unique experience to the customers.

Integration of Uber-Like App Service


Whether you want to travel from the airport to the hotel or maybe to a certain tourist attraction, on-demand cab service “Uber-Like App” is one of the most important parts of a trip. Being a travel startup, your app should come with this great feature integrated within for the ease of traveler.

Trip Reviews


The foremost reason that made apps like TripAdvisor achieved a huge fan following was that of its strong review system on the web and app. Travelers should be able to review a place and share their experiences with other travelers.

This will help build awareness and also help better the services of hotels, cafe shops, and other businesses. Rather than making people download other apps, travel app developers should include these features into an app.

Summing up


With these essential features, you can consider while developing the best trip planning app that makes it accessible for your users to send travel plans to their calendar.

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