List of top e-scooter manufacturers in the USA and their best e-scooter hardware, costs under $500, $1000 and over $1000

A list of top e-scooter manufacturers in the USA

An e-scooter sharing business is the most commercially successful business of the decade. However, the total number of e-scooter sharing startups in the entire world is below 150. Do you know why? Because an e-scooter sharing business is a resource-heavy business! 

An e-scooter sharing startup needs to acquire the permit, build the app, hire the engineers, and buy a fleet of e-scooters. And most importantly, they have to finish this todo list without overshooting the budget. 

But being the top e-scooter app development company, we help micro-mobility startups to get the permit, develop the e-scooter app and even select the most reliable and affordable e-scooter hardware. 

In this blog, we will list down the top e-scooter manufacturers and their e-scooter hardware available to buy in the USA. To make discovery easier for you, we’ll put forth a ‘categorized list’ by the price of each e-scooter hardware. 

Categorized list of e-scooter developers in USA

Category #1: E-scooter hardware under $500 




If you are planning to run your e-scooter sharing business in small-town and within the boundaries of any university, you should opt for affordable and basic e-scooter hardware. 

Razor E90 

One of the most affordable e-scooter hardware available in the market! It costs just around $140. 

Razor E90 is having a max speed of 10 mph with a battery backup up to 80 minutes. The steel frame of Razor E90 can easily carry a maximum of 120 lbs.

Hover-1 Eagle 

If you are looking for a foldable e-scooter under $200, Hover-1 Eagle is the best choice. It comes with more features than Razor E90. It is equipped with LCD display, built-in suspension, 6.5” front & back wheels with a 300W motor. And most importantly, it is IPX4 water resistance and has a max carrying capacity of 264 lbs. 


If you are looking for premium e-scooter hardware under $300, there isn’t any e-scooter hardware available that can beat Swagtron-5. The price listed on its official website is $299.99. 

Swagtron-5 is equipped with a powerful 250W motor and a rider can ride it up to 11 miles on a single charge. The charging time of Swagtron-5’s battery is just 3.5 hours. And the maximum carrying capacity is 320 lb. 

One of the reasons why Swagtron-5 is among the most popular e-scooter hardware is its maintenance-free rear tire. Its unique airless-honeycomb rear tire delivers smooth performance over bumpy terrain.

Glion Dolly 

Glion Dolly e-scooter is a safe, durable, maintenance-free and reliable e-scooter that costs $429. 

It gets overwhelming power from a 36v 7.8 Ah battery and a 250-watt brushless hub motor. It offers a range of up to 15 miles on a full charge with the maximum speed of 15 mph. Since it is crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, it is very durable.

Category #2: E-scooter hardware under $1000 




If you are planning to start e-scooter sharing business in major cities, you should opt for more feature-packed, reliable and durable e-scooters which increase the user satisfaction rate. 

Ninebot ES2 

From one of the most popular e-scooter manufacturers, Ninebot ES2 can do justice with all your requirements. And it costs just $589. 

It is armed with 8” front and 7.5” rear large solid non-pneumatic tires and electric as well as a mechanical brake. Other features include front & rear shock absorbers, built-in front LED lights, 15.5 mph top speed, 15.5 miles range and IP54 water-resistant.

Mi e-scooter pro  

One of the most popular e-scooter hardware among micro-mobility startups! The Mi e-scooter pro which costs around $700 comes with some of the very groundbreaking features. 

A rider can easily switch between ECO mode, standard mode, and Sport mode. Its multi-function display shows the remaining power and current speed. With a highly safe battery, having a capacity of 474 Wh, the e-scooter can take riders up to 45Km on a single charge. One of the best features of Mi e-scooter pro is its ability to regenerate energy. 

A Mi e-scooter pro is also armed with an ultra-bright headlight, a red tail light, and a rear 120mm ventilated disc brake & a front E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system. 

Micro Merlin 

Micro Merlin e-scooter costs $799 and it’s worth the price. It has a powerful 280 Wh battery which enables riders to ride it up to 15 miles at a maximum speed of 18 mph. Dual front and rear suspension, as well as a ‘comfort’ ride setting, guarantee a smooth riding experience. 

Micro Merlin e-scooter comes with the puncture-proof tires and regenerative front wheel brake & rear wheel foot brake. One of the notable features Micro Merlin e-scooter offers is the cruise control! 

Category #3: E-scooter hardware over $1000 




Before we move further, it is worth mentioning that the high-powered e-scooters are banned in many cities of Texas, California, Virginia, and Michigan. Thus, it is advisable to validate the government laws related to the e-scooter hardware before selecting one. But yes, if you want to start an e-scooter sharing business within the boundaries of private property, you can drop these high-powered e-scooters while ensuring the safety of the riders.

Mercane Widewheel Pro – 2020 

An e-scooter equipped with two very powerful 500W motors costs $1299! 

The Mercane Widewheel Pro, thanks to its two powerful motors, tackles the 30% inclines with ease. It is having a max speed of 26 mph and a range of 22+ miles. It comes with ultra-wide airless tires with front and rear suspension. 

They have re-designed the frame to provide more stability and durability. It’s smart display exhibits speed, total mileage, and voltage. Cruise control, front & tail lights and disk brakes are some other features of Mercane Widewheel Pro – 2020.

Boosted Rev 

One of the best e-scooters you can buy if you are prepared to spend more than $1500 for an e-scooter! 

The Boosted Rev e-scooter which costs $1599 is outfitted with two 750 Watts motors. One can ride the Boosted Rev at the maximum speed of 24 mph and up to 22 miles. It has regenerative electrical and mechanical disc brakes. A few more features include 3 ride modes, front & rear lights, and pneumatic tires.

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