Why e-scooter hardware is essential in electric scooter sharing business? Segway-Ninebot launched the ‘future of e-scooter’ at CES 2020

Segway ninebot launched the feature of e-scooter at ces 2020

Two big players of the micro-mobility industry, Lime and Bird were valued at $2.4B billion and $2.5B, respectively, in 2019. Lime reported gross revenue of around $420 million and Bird generated revenue of an average $35 million per quarter in the year 2018-2019. 

This number depicts how commercially successful an electric scooter sharing startup business is. However, anyone who is entering into the micro-mobility industry should comprehend the fact that this most profitable startup business is also a most resource-heavy startup business. 

A startup has to invest heavily on the e-scooter hardware. Generally, an e-scooter which meets the government and business requirements costs between $500 to $700. A fleet of e-scooters also cries out for the regular maintenance and a team to keep their batteries charged. 

Due to these many reasons, an electric scooter sharing startup gives the cold shoulder to e-scooter hardware and ends up choosing the inappropriate e-scooters. Running the electric scooter sharing business with unsuitable e-scooter hardware affects the user experience, user engagement rate and user retention rate. And most importantly, it gives a reason for the government to decline your business permit. 

Thus, considering its gravity, we will discuss the top reasons why e-scooter hardware is very essential in electric scooter sharing business and reveal the best and affordable e-scooter hardware as well as a very innovative micro-mobility vehicle launched by Segway-Ninebot at the CES 2020. We will also tap into our e-scooter hardware expertise which makes you choose the most suitable and keenly priced e-scooters and build the e-scooter app with the most number of IoT features. 

Why e-scooter hardware is essential in electric scooter sharing business?  

Following are the top 4 reasons why e-scooter hardware is essential in the electric scooter sharing business. 


  • Unit economics

The unit economics is nothing but the direct costs and revenue associated with a business model. Considering the fact that in electric scooter sharing business, the profit is usually calculated on the basis of the per ride of the per e-scooter, unit economics plays a significant role. To be profitable, you should keep a close eye on the usage rate of each e-scooter. You should know how quickly you can earn enough through an e-scooter that it surpasses the actual cost of that e-scooter. 

You can only achieve positive unit economics if you own sustainable e-scooters in your fleet! 

  • More IoT features 

Amid overly intensified market, your e-scooter app should have more IoT features than your competitors to dominate the market. The older versions of the e-scooters come with the IoT controllers which lack the many important IoT features. If you own such e-scooters in your fleet, your hired e-scooter app development company can never integrate latest IoT features in the e-scooter app. Thus, it is advisable to go for the latest generation of e-scooters which are equipped with the most advanced IoT controllers. 

  • Government regulations  

Governments of different countries have many times quoted the ‘poor’ e-scooter hardware as the major reason for the e-scooter fatalities. In fact, the governments of many countries have set norms on e-scooter hardware to ensure the quality of the it. And they ask every detail of the e-scooter hardware in the application form to get the business permit. 

  • Geographical conditions

Usually, an e-scooter is powered by an around 200-300WH battery which does generate enough torque to cruise on the straight road, but when there is the slope, it struggles. So, if the terrain where you are operating your business is geographically challenging, you should only buy the high-powered e-scooters.  

In order to get more details about these four reasons, you can read our dedicated blog on e-scooter hardware. 

So now when you know the reasons for buying the sustainable and most suitable e-scooter hardware, let’s reveal the best e-scooters launched by Segway-Ninebot which do justice with all your requirements in the best possible ways. 

The best e-scooter hardware, launched by Segway-Ninebot 

Segway Inc is an American manufacturer of two-wheeled personal transporters launched in 1999. However, it was later acquired by Ninebot. Segway-Ninebot holds some key patents on designs for self-balancing personal transporters. They are also the top manufacturer of the e-scooters. 

In the first week of the year 2020, Segway-Ninebot has unveiled a new electric scooter called Air T15. Segway-Ninebot claims that Air T15 is the most compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient e-scooter ever introduced to navigate a city environment. 

The new $699 Segway-Ninebot e-scooter doesn’t have a throttle. Instead, it automatically adjusts the speed when a rider kicks the e-scooter along. And to slow down the speed, a rider has to tap on the rear wheel brakes. In other words, the Air T15 is the e-scooter armed with cruise control! 

The Air T15 does weight 22 pounds and it is foldable into a nearly flat structure. Moreover, it is powered by a 300-watt motor which lets riders drive the e-scooter at the top speed of 12.4 miles per hour. 

Source: Segway-Ninebot

Not only this, Segway-Ninebot has revealed another micro-mobility vehicle which is not the e-scooter but exhibits the future of the e-scooter. The Segway S-Pod is the newest self-balancing vehicle Segway-Ninebot launched at CES 2020. CES is the world’s gathering place where space-age innovations are introduced to the marketplace. 

The egg-shaped S-Pod offers comfort to the riders. With a top speed of 24 miles per hour, it is the fastest member of the micro-mobility vehicles family. And since it is the self-balancing vehicle, there is no learning curve. One can easily control it with the joystick.

Source: Segway-Ninebot

Segway-Ninebot is assembling one more model of the e-scooter which is known as the Ninebot Max. It is armed with 10-inch pneumatic tires, built-in LED lights, 18.6 MPH top speed, 40.4 miles range, 20% hill grade, IPX54 water-resistant, 6H fast charging and 551 Wh battery. The two most revolutionary features of the Ninebot Max e-scooter are regenerative brake for power recycle and three different riding modes (eco, standard, sports) to meet different riding styles. 

The cost of the Ninebot Max e-scooter is $799. 

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