Why There is a Great Need for VR Apps for Education and Healthcare Industry? The Complete Guide into Developing the Perfect App.


Virtual Reality is gaining importance in the modern world. You see a lot of businesses, not in the gaming industry, working towards incorporating this technology to boost profitability.

Of the many industries gearing up to embrace this new trend, the education and healthcare industry seems to be the most interested. They are working towards improving the quality of the services they provide with the help of this uniquely engaging technology.

Here we will take a look at the growing importance of this virtual reality, and how it will help these industries.

Increasing Popularity of VR


Virtual Reality is not just popular in the classrooms, but also in the healthcare industry. Here we will discuss both the use cases for the virtual reality.

VR In Classrooms


  • The classrooms are looking for ways to interact with the kids, and engage them in order to improve the quality of education. VR does not end with showing you 360 images and videos; it goes on to work with you in a collaborative fashion. You can create your own experience and interact with the applications. You can choose your theme, can interact using audio/text, can see the different images etc.
  • VR is an immersive technology. Instead of funding a local trip that turns out to be expensive, you can take your trip via VR. You can take the kids into the world where history took place, and explain the different perspectives. This will help the kid learn better as they would be in that environment.
  • Creating a VR environment is very easy, and both the kids as well as the teachers can do it easily. You don’t need coding knowledge to conduct a VR classroom. You simply need an idea, a 360 camera and the knowledge of instaVR apps. With such apps by your side, you can easily work on engaging your audience with quality knowledge.
  • Sharing your content is really easy with VR in education. So, if you have created some content using VR app that would be useful to your students, you can share it.

VR Transforming Healthcare


  • In healthcare remote care-giving process is being taken seriously. With VR, the environment becomes immersive and the care-giving process has a positive impact. The caregiver would know more about the patient and would be able to diagnose the issues.
  • Apart from that, the engagement levels of VR can impact the mental health providing institutions positively. With VR medical games, the rehabs can engage the patients and improve their health. Even diagnosis of the health becomes easy with the help of VR technology.
  • Engagement in the medical classrooms and cleaner methods of inducing learning has been made possible with the help of VR. This technology allows the students to enter into the environment that has been created virtually to understand the health related issues, what to check and how to diagnose the issues.
  • Creating the right content for the right kind of healthcare issues has become easier with the help of VR.

There are various types of VR applications that you can develop in order to boost your business. For instance, the meditation apps will help improve the overall well-being of the patients and is quite a popular thing. There is the deep VR controller which is again an interactive tool, which helps the patient relax by taking them into an immersive underwater world.

You can identify the right PTSD treatments for the patients, based on your diagnosis and the ultimate use of VR technology.

If we have completely helped you understand the need and popularity of VR apps in the education and healthcare industry, let’s move on to the features and how to develop the right VR app.

Must-have Features in Your VR App


There are a few features that you need to consider when developing the ideal VR app.

1). Camera integration is important as that will help you capture the 360 videos, which are the basis of your VR applications. It is important that the VR apps be able to access the smartphone camera through the VR device for increased convenience and improved usability.

2). Navigation should be made easy and interactive for the VR apps. You should be able to use gestures to navigate through the app, and get to the right place within the app.

3). Track the position of your heads and adjust the image accordingly. This is one of the most important features of your VR apps, which you need to make sure exists when you are developing it.

Benefits of VR Apps


  • It increases the level of engagement and improves the quality of the service.
  • It reduces the overall cost for the industry, thus boosting the profits.
  • It ensures quick and easy access to the issues and offers better results.

Things to Consider When Developing Your Own VR App


Identifying the problems that exist in the particular industry. If you are focusing on education or healthcare industry, there are numerous issues that can be easily solved with VR. You need to identify the problem that you want to focus on before moving ahead.

Why Do You Want to Develop a VR App for Your Business?


The purpose is the first thing that you need to question before diving into the development.

What problem are you trying to solve with the VR app that you are planning to develop?

Do you believe that the VR app you are planning is unique, and there is no competition for the same? Once you are pretty sure about the idea, you need to think through the next step.

This involves understanding the headset compatibility. Will your app be compatible with all the headsets available in the market or, you are planning for specific VR headsets alone? The compatibility will mark the usage for your app.

Finally, the budget of the app development needs to be considered before you begin the development. It is important to know how much you will spend and how much you are likely to save with the app development for VR technology.

Summing up


Virtual Reality is the future of mobile app development. With never ending possibilities and numerous opportunities, you should opt for VR for your business. It will definitely help boost the profits and increase the conversion for your business.

Coruscate will partner with you to provide ace VR solutions for your ideas. We work in tandem with your company to help you grow and convert better. If you have an idea then connect with us via email or phone.

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