What is Ruby on Rails: Beginners Guide 2022

ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails is a framework built with Ruby as a programming language. It is commonly referred to as Rails.

It is used to simplify the development of a web application by creating the default structure of your code, application database, and webpages structure.  It is also referred to as RoR which is a server-side programming language.

What is special about Ruby On Rails?

Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework for web applications. It makes the development of a web application quick and it does not necessarily require a large team of developers. It is a perfect fit for a start-up environment

It has built-up code libraries for some repetitive or general parts. Let’s say that mostly, every web developer wants to add a menubar in his web application. 

In RoR, it has a ready-made library for it, you just need to write one or two lines of code to import a menubar in your application and that’s it. You don’t have to code separately for the menu bar.

So many popular websites are built on Ruby on Rails such as

• Kickstarter

• Basecamp

• Zendesk

• Slideshare

• CrunchBase

• Airbnb

• Shopify

Ruby on Rails is an MVC framework

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. Ruby on Rails is an MVC framework that is an architectural structure to create web and desktop applications.. RoR is the quickest for web and app development. RoR developers prefer it for its time-saving quality for writing code.

It structures code by separating the logic of the application into three parts: Model, View, and Controller. 


The model represents the logic of the data. 


The View represents the visual representation of data(i.e. Templates).


This connects these other two components. This is how MVC eases up the development process for developers.

Design Principles of Ruby on Rails


1. The Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) Principle:

This principle is an advantage for the development process This is meant to minimise the code repetition by developers. 

Repetition of code makes the debugging process very complicated. This principle is against the duplication of code which makes code simple, more manageable, and effective in turn making high-quality applications.

2. Convention over Configuration:

This framework supports strong naming conventions instead of declaring data types and     variables. As Rails is written in Ruby, so the framework follows the same naming conventions, which helps to decrease the code length.

Ruby on Rails is a full-stack framework

There are many people out there who think this framework is only suitable for back-end or server-side development. But this is not the case! It is a full-stack framework that has everything required for developing a full-stack application and it also handles integration.  Rail framework is a developer-friendly framework. 

Ruby on Rails is comparatively easy to learn as a beginner!

The base language ruby itself is an easy programming language to work with. When you are just getting started with coding, there are thousands of lines of code, which can be intimidating sometimes and it is also hard to understand what exactly they mean.

As the naming convention is easy with Ruby on Rails, It is a good idea to start with it. Ruby on Rails is simple, easy to read, and similar to the English language. Rails is a beginner-friendly framework. Ruby on Rails contains built-in safeguards that are intended to encourage you to implement features in a certain manner. Although they may appear to be limiting, they really make it simple to learn the framework’s best practices. As a result, it is simple to identify your mistakes while you are just getting started, which offers you the knowledge you need to improve your abilities.

Advantages of using Ruby on Rails

1. Full Stack Framework

2. Safe and Secure

3. Improves Productivity

4. Reduces Repetition of code

5. Cost-Effective

6. Easy to Maintain

7. Automated Testing

8. Easy to Set up

What type of applications can you build using Ruby on Rails?

You can develop any full-stack applications such as

Ecommerce Applications

FinTech Application

Healthcare Application

Communication-oriented Application

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The programming language Ruby on Rails is not just simple and reliable it also aids in the ongoing advancement of other technologies. 

Companies that have utilised RoR, acknowledge its effect on platforms including PHP, Java, Node.js, and others.

Therefore, if you want your applications to be great and you want to beat out the competition, optimise your app development tools using things like dependency management systems, preprocessors, template engines, and others.

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