Our Discernment On E-Scooter Providers At The Pinnacle In 2020 (Industry Insights of OCT-2020)

Our Discernment On E-Scooter Providers At The Pinnacle In 2020 (Industry Insights of OCT-2020)

An Introduction To The E-Scooter Industry

The post-pandemic period has been a beaming ray of light with new and blooming opportunities for the e-scooter business developers.

Considering the fact that the riders have been opting for smart and reliable commute options in order to avoid getting in touch with a large audience.

The international E-scooters market size has been estimated at USD 18.6 Million in 2019.

An Introduction To The E-Scooter Industry

With the constant uprising of eco-friendly vehicles and fuel-efficient vehicles and constant inclination towards the usage of micro-mobility vehicles, countries like The U.S, Germany, and France have sprung the movement of two-wheeled vehicles on the roads.

All the local authorities worldwide are letting the trials prevail in the cities, enabling the ride-sharing operations and making sure the scooters meet with the zero-emissions.

The E-Scooter Industry Globally Has Tremendous Potential, Let’s Learn About One Of The Top Most E-Scooter Company Inspiring The Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Santa Monica, California-based e-scooter company Bird was founded in the year 2017, with operational activities in more than 100 cities amongst the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Bird has been a global emperor in terms of micro-mobility vehicles, with over 10 million rides per year, making its way to become the top e-scooter providers across the globe, with innovative and contemporary designs.

With COVID-19 storming in, the micro-mobility market segment has been in the limelight ever since. Bird has come up with two new e-scooter modules, Bird One and Bird Air. Bird Air is developed for riders interested in opting for inexpensive transport options for a day-to-day commute.

The Bird app is uniquely designed to provide the user with an edgy tutorial about the usage of e-scooter, while also providing a secure interface and constant guidance on the roadways for following a decent riding system.

Bird gives out e-scooters on a rental basis, where there are offers for a monthly subscription or day-to-day basis, depending upon the legalities of the city and requirements of the rider.

The interface of the app allows the riders to locate nearby parking stations making sure that there are no clogs on the roads.

These L – shaped friends have been liberators for the riders in the times of the pandemic, where maintaining a social distancing protocol and yet not putting a stop at the commute is inevitable.

Unlike conventional e-scooters, Bird e-scooters are dockless and thus the riders are free to park them without hesitation of the scooters being stolen.

Bird has also introduced foldable e-scooters, with extremely convenient design for the riders to opt for the smartest commute option.

Bird Air is a custom-designed electric scooter by aerospace and automotive engineers and holds more than 30 international security certifications in The United States Of America.

What Sets Bird E-Scooters Apart From The Rest?

For anyone willing to purchase an e-scooters, Bird is a go-to option as its products like Bird Air fall into the mid-range of prices, ranging from USD 300 to USD 1299 on an average.

The Bird One has 473 Wh battery, which offers the riders to travel up to 30 miles post a single charge.

Bird has been trailblazing in the e-scooter industry globally since 2017, with a valuation of $2 Billion in the initial two months of the inaugural year of the company, and with an estimated revenue of $250 Million in the year 2018.

All in all, the gross revenue of the company was believed to be 19% during the emergence of the company in the market.

In May 2018, the revenue run rate of the company was considered to be approximately $65 Million generating 33% profit margin, which made the company one of the fastest-growing micro-mobility companies across the globe.

Bird has been generating $3.65 per ride, with approximately six rides in a day which came down to five riders per day by the month of May.

Bird had a revenue run rate of $65 Million in May 2018, from which it has risen to hundreds of millions of dollars annually by this October.

The below-mentioned chart shows the diversity in the revenue costs by Bird.

The below-mentioned chart shows the diversity in the revenue costs by Bird.

These latest e-scooter companies have also been upgrading their hardware facilities making the scooters reliable and resistant on the bumpy roads, at the same time providing a strong braking system to avoid accidents.

Top E-Scooter companies like Bird, Lime, Ford, GoTrax have been coming up with viral hardware solutions to provide the riders with the best riding experience and a scooter they can’t deny.

Let’s look into details about GoTrax E-Scooters and how we think they are the best in kind e-scooters in the market currently.

Recently launched E scooter hardware overview

» GoTrax GXL Commuter V2 E-Scooters

With new and unique commute options being available in the market every other day, it takes a toll to decide on choosing the perfect commute option considering the facts like the prices, quality, range and the overalls.

E-Scooters have become the most trending modes of transportation since COVID-19 has attacked the world, from choosing the perfect micro-mobility vehicle to making sure these vehicles are worth the price, it is a long tedious process.

Thus, GoTrax has come to the rescue, with launching GoTrax GXL Commuter V2 E-Scooters, launched in the year 2019, at a high price, these scooters are now available at an extremely affordable price of $300.

There are no other electric scooters available at this price offering all the features such as pneumatic tires and disc brakes, etc. and it is believed to be the only trusted company considering the brand name and the reputation of the company.

V2 is an advanced model of the GXL range, previously introduced V1 was available in a similar price range but did not manage to offer adequate features as offered by the V2 range.

Let’s Dive Into Accurate Details About The GoTrax GXL Electric Scooters (Commuter V2 )

» Acceleration

GXL V2 comes with a 250-watt motor, which provides a quite decent acceleration to the scooter, perhaps with the price that GXL V2 comes at, 250-watt is considered to be extraordinary.

Although, the scooter does not provide a zero start feature, which means that the riders have to walk through with the scooter for about 3kms to get the motor started in the scooter.

26 kmh is the maximum speed that the scooter has reached to until now in about 10.0 seconds, which is fast enough for the majority of the riders, although, the riders habituated with riding high-speed e-scooters find it a little slow.

» Hill Climbing

The GXL V2 provides a decent speed during the hill-climbing process, but since the motor is not high end, the speed of the scooter will eventually slow down on steep hills, perhaps with a few kicks, the scooter can regain its speed and reach the desired destination.

An essential factor to always keep in mind while driving uphill is that any scooter while climbing cannot bear a weight of more than 100 kgs, thus when the scooter reaches the limit, the range and speed tends to gently fall.

» Top Speed

The manufacturers claim that the scooters are designed to drive up to the maximum speed of 26 kmh. If compared with the high ranger scooters, this speed is considered to be very average, but considering the price range, it is a decent speed for the urban commute.

Mostly, shared electric scooters such as Bird, Lime, Spin or Xiaomi Mi 365 being much more pricey than the GXL V2 scooters still provide a range of 26 kmh.

» Range

The manufacturers claim to have provided a range of 19 kms in-built for the V2 electric scooters.

The scooter comes with a lithium iron battery pack of about 187-watt hour, which provides a constant backup to the scooter.

The range also depends on factors like the weather, in the times of extremely cold weather, the scooter tends to deliver a lesser range.

Also, factors like hilltops, frequent stops, and higher speeds can lead to decrease in the range provided by the scooter.

» Braking

Regenerative and rear disc brakes are provided in these electric scooters.

The front brake is decent quality, while the rear disc brakes steal the show by being operational in an easy to use hand lever traditional manner.

This braking system makes operating and riding the scooter at various positions easier since the brakes are extremely flexible.

At the same time, this braking system ensures the safety of the riders since the left hand is always supportive of the brakes.

GoTrax has won the game with the rear disc braking system at an affordable price, since most of the electric scooter companies provide a single braking system, jeopardizing the safety of the riders.

What Makes GoTrax GXL Commuter V2’s Additional features/Functionality

» Portability

What Makes GoTrax GXL Commuter V2’s Additional features/Functionality

The GoTrax GXL weighs about 12 kgs, which is the same as any decent electric scooter. The scooter is swiftly foldable in second and becomes compact in the size of 99 cm by 43 cm by 36 cm.

Although the frontal handlebars aren’t foldable, the scooter still effortlessly fits in a car’s backseat or under a desk or carriable on the shoulders.

» Cockpit

The scooter comes with a bright yet minimalist display in the front, that displays the battery and the speed status.

The accelerator is a knob operational by a thumb on the right.

The most significant part is, the knob provides exceptional motor control, avoiding any kinds of accidents by grabbing the handlebars.

A tiny red button controls the power on/off, and gear functions which are situated in the middle of the handle.

The handlebars are wide enough to help the riders maintain a decent posture and ride the scooters effortlessly.

» Lights

The scooter comes with a LED light in the front, and a rear reflector. Although, the scooter lacks a tail light.

The LED light doesn’t provide a fully bright view during the night time rides, and thus it is advisable to attach separate lights in front of the scooter to avoid any sort of accidents.

» The Deck

The V2’s deck is sized 47.2 cms by 15.2 centimetres standing, the scooter also provides the facility to stretch the scooter out a little bit in case the riders find it difficult enough to ride because of the smaller horizon.

The handlebar to the deck is about 94 cms and provides about 10 cms of ground clearance.

All in all, this electric scooter is an excellent choice at a decent affordable price sufficing all the electric scooters needs and comes with easy and quick usable tools.

Our Objective:

Developing an e-scooter business requires immense research and knowledge about the latest market conditions.

Weighing your strengths and weaknesses, at the same time examining the strengths of your competitors, and making sure your e-scooter segment provides everything that the competitors fail to offer.

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge about the e-scooter development business, from connectivity to manufacturing, IoT to App Development.

Our team has been rocking the digital world, and with introducing an electric scooter development segment, assisting in the development of electric scooter applications to the market freshers and astonishing newbies is a blessing.

We are your guiding angel through the process of empowering your software base and keeping your hardware game strong.

With an immensely talented and experienced team, we can assist you in building an application that covers all the aspects of an electric scooter mobile application, at the same time providing stand-out ideas to rule out the competition.

We also provide a full package of all the essentials required to kickstart your e-scooter business. Your demands and ideas are well researched and looked into, after ample strategic planning, our team prepares the final module.

Developing an e-scooter model and making a name in the town can be a prolonged journey, but with our team by your side, there isn’t a thing the entrepreneurs have to worry about.

Also, in terms of the hardware, we have collaborated with numerous e-scooter fleet manufacturing companies such as Ninebot, Omni, etc. whereas Bird manufactures their e-scooters.

Feasibly, we provide their customers to manufacture more customizable, durable and strengthened e-scooters in accordance to their preference.

Being the more reachable platform that Rohak is, it provides its services in various countries like:

The USA, Brazil, Morocco, France, Belgium, Angola, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia and India.

We have expanded its horizons globally providing the hardware and software solutions that the business demands.

Since 2019 our company has received more than 2000+ inquiries on developing a ride-sharing platform, perhaps we have delivered more than 50 successful modules that have made an impact in the society and met all the requirements of the customers.

Contact us and get your hands on the hands-down best in class team.


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