A Game Changer: Explore The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development


So what is happening in the modern world? The advancement and constant improvement of science and innovation, the extent of issues to be solved are growing, and the sizes of PCs, most utilized gadgets are declining.

All gadgets are assembled in one giant network, called Internet Of Things, that involves individuals. According to the

analyst firm, it is said that by 2020 there will be more than 26 billion connected gadgets (gadgets with and without Internet access).

The Basic Of Artificial Intelligence

Computers launch rockets into space, control technological processes, provide security systems at enterprises – and this is only a small part of what can be listed. And now even your mobile can recognize your speech, make certain decisions, serve as a translator from one language into another one.

All these things are based on the use of Artificial Intelligence as a whole methodology of computer systems in think-and-learn mode. What does it mean? Smart programs are being developed on the basis of knowledge and research of the mental potential and capabilities of the people themselves, and they are being implemented as built-in intellectual functions in various applications, including mobile ones.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

In addition, in programs using AI, fewer errors and defects are allowed, since artificial intelligence is more universal than human intelligence. The most important thing to say is that the difference between AI and conventional programming is in the presence of “intelligence”, in other words, the imitation of a certain level of human thinking. In that way, we avoid only the sequential execution of pre-programmed steps. For example, algorithms with artificial intelligence are used in such search engines as Google.

Advanced artificial intelligence can be built on the basis of the so-called cognitive architecture, and individual modules in it can be responsible for functions such as eyesight, recognition and generation of speech, making decisions, attention and other aspects of the mind.

Some companies teach us how to optimize prices and increase our sales and margins using Artificial Intelligence techniques and dynamic pricing.

AI is designed to serve the public good: to moderate publications in social networks.

8 AI Technologies That Can be Used in a Mobile Application

1. If your application is about customer service, for example, creating reports and market reviews, you need to use a natural language technology (Natural Language Generation).

2. One of the popular technologies used in interactive voice control systems and mobile applications is Speech Recognition Technology. This technology, for example, the Siri or Cortana system, allows decoding and transforming human speech into a format that is understandable to a computer.

3. If you plan to have a business application that has to be able to interact with people online, to contain feedback from the user or the online community, in other words, to use chatbots or voice managers, then you will be assisted by Virtual Agents.

4. Suppose your application is corporate, and also used for forecasting and classification, you should implement Machine Learning platforms based on Machine Learning (ML).

5. Biometrics is a technology that allows you to identify, measure and analyze human behaviour and physical aspects of structure and shape of the body through work with images, sensory recognition, voice and gesture control. It is used mainly in marketing research.

6. Text Analytics and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology allow you to find the information you need in search engines, generate news, structure solid text. This technology is currently used for security and fraud detection systems.

7. Another interesting technology that allows the software to «read» emotions from the human face with the help of advanced image processing or audio data is Emotion Recognition, so human senses are captured through subtle speech signals and voice intonation.

8. And, finally, in your mobile application, you can successfully use Image Recognition technology based on the process of identifying and detecting an object/function in a digital image or a video. IR technology can be used to detect license plates, to diagnose diseases, to analyze clients, to verify users by their faces.

Companies that use IR include Clarifai, which provides image recognition systems for customers; SenseTime, which develops the technology of face recognition, that can be applied to the analysis of payments and images for checking bank cards.

New Opportunities For Mobile App Development

The growth of artificial intelligence is driving a whole new class of mobile app possibilities. AI has been influential in app development for several years already, beginning with Apple’s Siri and it has the potential to advance much more in the coming years.

Machine learning has moved out of its infancy and users now want flexible algorithms for seamless and intuitive experiences. The new availability and advancement of AI and machine learning are causing a revolutionary shift in the way that developers, businesses, and users think about intelligent interactions within mobile applications.

Wrapping up

AI has come a long way and is a key development area for future technology.

Businesses are getting more diversified. Multi-faceted and personalization remains one of the most vital components of AI technology. With customer engagement, AI is enhancing the user experience. AI is always for here for satisfying individual needs on the basis of experience.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are really the things of future and they are going to grow and rule the mobile apps development programming so get your first mover advantage while everyone is still exploring and experimenting with these really useful technologies.

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