Approach and Engagement

Being a quality-oriented software development company, Coruscate sets up and continuously maintains high standards of software engineering.


years of experience


years of experience


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We believe in Agile

We believe that an “AGILE” approach to application development is the only way to sure shot success. We will only accept a project after we have understood the business, the market and the actual requirements of our clients. Every project brief is the outcome of clear workflow analysis and an in-depth understanding of organizational objectives. Timelines and well defined deadlines are offered and delivered upon. Costing and budgets are worked out and arrived in a manner commensurate with your expectations and a target of keeping solutions economically viable.

We always adjust our process to suit your specific needs

We can help you at all stages of the project, starting from defining the requirements up to the final deployment and support.


Agile methodology (Scrum or Kanban) with short development cycles guarantees constant collaboration with our clients. We frequently collect feedback and adjust to changing requirements.


Using the Continuous Delivery approach gives our clients constant access to the most recent version of the software.


Flexible work model:

  • Remote from our office
  • On-site project meetings

Our Process

Once you start collaboration with Coruscate, you get instant access to our technology skillset, ready?to?use IT infrastructure and mature software development processes.
  • Team productivity
  • Knowledge accumulation
  • Technological skills
  • Domain experience
  • Seamless communication
  • Methodologies adjustment
  • Devices
  • Network
  • In-house/Offshore
  • Process optimization
  • Test automation
  • IDEs