Appointment Booking app Development : Why you need an Appointment Booking app for your Healthcare Business or Startup?

Why you need an Appointment Booking app for your Healthcare Business or Startup

Looking at the current technological advancement, it is not wrong to say that technology has been making life simpler and better in many ways. Even in the healthcare sector, the Doctor’s Appointment booking app does wonders to solve the appointment booking issues for the patients. Such apps are making it possible to reduce the queue deployed at a clinic or a hospital.

The apps for healthcare startups can enable a patient to see the doctor either virtually or in-person. The apps for appointment scheduling and medication reminders are unique and simple to use in their own way. Among a million A few apps that are outshining the others for making healthcare comfortable with any devices are ZocDoc, Medisafe, AmWell, TalkSpace, Heal, CareConnect, etc.

Due to the progression path that the gathered healthcare economy has placed, the healthcare apps have made the medical advice more accessible and real-time but have also attained the complication of bridging the gap between the patients and doctors. However, the biggest contributor amongst all the other methods is App for Doctor Appointment.

Scope of the Appointment booking apps in the healthcare sector:

According to the report published in Business Wire, the global appointment booking app market in the year 2018 was valued at $205.85 million. It is expected to reach $546.31 million by 2026. The growth is seen at a CAGR of 13.1% from the year 2019 to 2026.

There is always an increasing need to lessen missing appointments, staff supervision, giving liberty to clients to schedule their own appointment, and boost the efficiency of business are some of the important factors that are accelerating the growth of the global market.

Moreover, the propagation of smartphones facilitates a rapid increase in booking through mobile apps. This is fuelling the use of appointment booking app’s market growth. The web-based SaaS appointment scheduling software commanded the market share in the year 2018. But with the different apps coming up, the use of native apps is expected to lead the market during the forecasted period.

Why should you develop an appointment booking app for your healthcare business?

If you check out the recent market growth, there is a huge opportunity as the future of appointment booking apps seems to be blooming. If you want to make it easier for your customers to get a doctor’s appointment instead of going through the whole tedious process of producing all of the personal, medical and insurance data and then suddenly to find out that they will not get an appointment scheduled at the expected time.

If you wish to eliminate the long waits and the hassle of making an appointment for your customers and allow the patients to see open appointment time slots in the next 24 hours and book their appointments immediately online, without being put on hold. Then you must go for developing a ZocDo- like app.

Features of ZocDoc clone app:

➯ Profiles of Doctors and Users

You need to get the Doctor and User Profiles as a primary necessity of the appointment booking app for the health care industry. The user profile should collect all the data related to the user’s names, age, gender, and basic medical data like height, weight, blood group, hereditary disease, etc. Whereas, the doctor’s profile should have the data like their area of specialization, the location of their clinic, the timings, names of hospitals they are associated with, and the visitation charges. You can prepare a health chart as per the user’s profile for a doctor’s reference while treating them. You can also make arrangements for the doctors to upload their degrees, certificates, and pictures for the user reference.

➯Doctor and Clinic Search

The patients’ use the search feature the most while they use your app.

So, the most important feature in the list is the Search option. Your patients must be allowed to search for doctors and clinics on the basis of different parameters like the specialization, the clinic’s or doctor’s name, the wait time, visitation charges, etc. Having a good search filter can do wonders for your app.

➯ GPS Search

Offering a Geo-location based search to allow your customers to search for the doctors within their locality or nearby them could be a great benefit for an increase in your app usability factor. To fulfill this purpose you can always integrate a Google map or an Apple map in your healthcare app.

➯ Appointment Booking

Nonetheless, to say, this feature is the heart of your Appointment booking app for the healthcare industry. People will use the app to basically book an appointment with the doctors. So, this feature should have a very simple interface to make the complete process of finding a doctor and confirming an appointment easy.

The patients should be provided with an option to pick a future date according to their availability. At the same time, the doctors should have a functionality to accept or reject the appointment in real-time as per their availability.

➯ Doctor Review

The rating and review available on the profile of each doctor will keep the patients get engaged in your mobile app for finding doctors. This feature will provide a sense of security to the users opting for the doctors as they can be assured by those who have previously checked with the doctors by providing reviews and stars. You can also allow the patients to share their experiences on social media.

How can we help you to build an excellent appointment booking app for your healthcare startup?

Technology is most import when you consider taking your business online. While thinking about app development, you need to consider factors like tech stack, business model, target audience, market research and of course the cost of development for your healthcare mobile app.

We provide you end-to-end support right from when you start with us till your maintenance phase. We use the latest technological stack like Node Js, Angular JS, Java, Python, MongoDB, and many more according to the tech stacks which suit your business needs the best. Our research team is expert and keeps a track of each update that comes up in the industry. Our team of developers is proficient to deliver unique and excellent solution to suit your requirement.

We have white label solutions that you can choose to brand and use. You can save your development cost and time and get going at the earliest with our customized and fully functional white label solutions.

You can request for a demo or you can connect with us to discuss your business needs at a free consultation session.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:


Apart from the above mentioned features which other features can help in improving your app ranking?


Other important features that you can add to your healthcare app are:

  1. Tele-medicine
  2. Check-In from the App
  3. Medical check-up at the comfort of your home
  4. In-Built Payment methods
  5. Appointment Reminders


How ZocDoc makes money?

Ans: The original source of revenue for ZocDoc app is its subscription model. Being a patient-centric app, the app doesn’t generate money from the patients but it is the doctors who pay.The Doctors pay a fees of $3,000 to enable the app to connect them with the patients.

Along with the subscription, the app also has a Sponsored Results service for doctors. This is an advertizing solution which increases the doctor’s visibility to new patients. For this feature, the doctors are charged on a cost-per-impression basis.

You can use these business models for your healthcare app to earn more. Get in touch with us to learn about other such interesting business models and features to add in your app.

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