App Store vs. Google Play Store Revenue: Top Reasons to Make an IOS App for Business


We have all been debating this issue for a while now, whether we are app developers, businesses or the end users- which platform the app should be developed for. Most businesses and developers believe it is beneficial if the app is initially developed for the iOS rather than Android platform. There are reasons obviously, and some of the insights are directly available from the statistics.

Before we move on to learning why you should develop your apps for iOS? let’s take a quick look on the essential difference between Apple store and Google Play Store.

App Store vs. Google Play Store


  •  If statistics are anything to go by, then there are more paid apps in Apple store as compared to Google Play Store. There are close to 2.2 Mn apps in Apple Store of which approximately 12% are paid apps. The average app price is $1.02 while it is $0.49 for the gaming apps. With these paid apps, the store generates a total revenue of $22.6Bn, which is double the revenue generated by the Android store.
  • In case of the Apple Store, the images are mostly likely to attract attention as it appears in the first fold itself. That is not the case in the Google play store, where the images and gallery appear in the second fold. That means, only 27% of the users are likely to scroll down and view the images.
  • When it comes to exploring everything about the app, the Apple Store users are more likely to view the video and other details as compared to the Google Play Store users. The Apple video length is approximately 15-30 seconds, and there is a 30% more likeliness in users of Apple clicking on these videos.
  • The Android users are more likely to click on read more than the Apple users. They are more interested in how the app works and knowing the description. In case of iOS, the first two lines should tell everything there is about the app, else people are not interested in reading more.
  • Apple Store does not offer its users instant apps or does not allow push app installation system, which is offered by the Google app store. In fact, Apple users need to install the entire app to get the check-ins for beta and instant apps.
  • Categorizing the apps has been done in a systematic and easy to identify way on the Google Play Store as compared to the Apple Store. Some of the popular categories on Google Play Store include Lifestyle, Education, Entertainment, Business etc. Apple Store was created on the premise “there is an app for everything”.
  • When it comes to security, there is no beating the Apple Store. They take their own time to review an app and even scrutinize the app for every factor that can affect the security of the store and the device on which it is installed. Google Play Store on the other hand, houses a lot of low-quality apps and uploads them even when the review and rating process is going on.
  • Finally, when it comes to being developer friendly, Google Play Store is considered to be user-friendly. Though Apple Store defines better security, it is the Google Play Store that allows the developer to test their apps and upload it even when it is in the testing stage. The Google Play Store does not reject the apps mercilessly.

Having considered the difference, let’s talk about why you should develop ios apps for the Apple Store?

Why iOS Apps for Your Business?


The Apple Store is safer and secure when compared to Google Play Store, and generates better mobile app revenue, according to the statistics. While that should be enough reason to develop apps for Apple Store, there are some more reasons why you should go with iOS apps for your business.

1. Well Fragmented: When it comes to managing the app ecosystem i.e. the hardware and the software for the devices, iOS device management and the release cycles, Apple is in complete control. It ensures quick iterations and immediate implementation of the release cycles. The upgrades are faster with Apple Store as compared to the Google Play Store. This means that the iPhones are updated with the latest iOS version with months of upgrading. This way the fragmentation challenges are controlled, and you don’t have to invest a lot in developing apps for iOS.

2. User Experience: When it comes to user experience, no app store or app OS can beat Apple. There is nothing as smooth and intuitive as Apple’s OS. The OS is constantly evolving and the community is all set to innovate the technology to make smooth and seamless. If you want to develop an app, make sure you are developing the app for iOS rather than any other platform. The uniqueness of the platform is the reason why iOS is the most preferred platform by users and developers.

3. Apple Store is strict about its rules and regulations, which means no low-quality apps can be loaded to the store without proper permission. You will need to ensure you meet all the quality guidelines. As a result, the apps that are uploaded are totally safe for the platform and will ensure the safety of your device as well.

4. The stability of the environment that iOS provides ensures that your apps are completely secure and offer unmatched security.

Finally, you need to consider the revenue generation. This is the most important aspect of app development. When you deliver app solutions for the iOS store, there are more chances of getting people to pay for the apps and generate better revenue. The Apple users are more prone towards in-app purchases and subscriptions as against the Android users.

Summing up


While Google Play Store is upping its game, iOS still rules the roost with better app revenue and better quality apps. If you want to convert your app idea into an iOS app solution, then connect with us. Our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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