Challenges that help to devise post-launch strategies for different mobile apps

Challenges That Mobile App Startups Face After App Launch

There is nothing worse than a failed app for an entrepreneur who has invested a huge amount of money. They are afraid of the time where they are left with an app which has a very low or short-lived success. The mobile app industry has seen many such businesses who make an entrance just to try and access if they can fit in or not. They all hope for the same thing – global reach and generation of huge revenues.

But at the same time, the mobile industry has seen new businesses come in to try their luck and leave empty handed as they fail miserably. The sad truth is that this scenario is quite common and occurs frequently. An enormous difficulty for any app based start-up is to search for the constant and comfortable focus among the various highs and low. They all want to find things that they need to avoid after app launch.

When they start, they experience great happiness as they witness hundreds of installs instantly. They think that they have exercised all the factors that make apps successful. But right when they start to feel relaxed, they are hit with a tragedy that those were the only installs that they had and there are no more happening anymore.

Building up a business takes time. But you should make sure that your startup doesn’t end up with the same fate. You need to know the challenges that you can expect to face after you launch your app. If you are aware of the challenges, it becomes easier to design the strategies that can help you to tackle problems after your app is launched.

This blog is to make you aware of the challenges that you can face as a start-up after your app is launched.

Here are some challenges that can help you to plan your post-launch strategies:


Setting Yourself in a Crowded Market

It does not matter how absolutely wondrous your app idea is. But there is a very tiniest possibility that the app idea you have is actually the one that the world has not seen before. And if in case your idea is the one which the market has never seen, you can only expect it to become common within a matter of time.

And for a startup that has low resources, it is always a better idea to avoid such things while they are still establishing themselves in a highly competitive market. The most frightening part of it all is that the chance of an inexperienced person getting lost in the crowd is still common even if follow the unwritten app ideation declaration that the app should be developed only after understanding the user’s needs, the specific buyer character, and other such factors.

Getting a Team Together

It happens most of the times that the team you are associated with in order to develop your mobile app gets left behind once your project is complete. So, you need to create a team that you have left behind. You need to employ the right people with essential experience so that your mobile app keeps growing. It may happen that you need to give out more funds in order to employ those right people and if you don’t have them, you might end up being without a team. So, make sure this is given a proper thought for your post app launch.


Well, scalability is never to be considered or confused with growth. Many startups fail to understand this concept and believe that scalability, like growth, is growing the business, observing a time when the revenue inflows are on an all-time high and other such ideas.

In reality, there is a very thin but striking line of differentiation between scalability and growth. In case of growth, you know you have to acquire expenses in order to reach the next level. But scalability means that you will have to work on growing your business while the charges are kept very low and consistent. You need to consider that if scale your business too soon or too late, there will be losses and if you scale at the right time but in the wrong area, you will face failure.


While thinking about marketing the app, there are a lot of things you have to decide from the right platform or the cost-effective platform, less expense or a wider reach and the list of your conflicts goes on. However, to successfully market an app, you need to make a proper strategy as there are a number of brilliant app ideas like yours in the market and they will keep growing each day. In fact, the more the platforms coming up to reveal your brand to the world, the greater are your chances to get sidelined.

Fundings, Frequent market changes, and Constant updates

Money is never eternal, you are going to run out of the money one day. In fact, more than half of your money will be drained out looking for the best marketing strategies only. So, you need to make a backup plan and find investors in order to keep your app going.

The technical trends in the market keep changing frequently. Every time you feel that you are offering something unique, the next moment, it becomes common. You need to race to be in the competition with the latest technological trends.

Launching an app is not difficult. Providing the updates for the launched one is harder. There is always something that needs to be added or removed to improve your app. And you need to associate yourself with an expert who can help you in this never-ending process.

Maintaining your app is not possible without having a proper team and without maintenance the app is short-lived. Thus you have to look for a strategy that will help you with the app maintenance and updates.

How can we help you to overcome these challenges:


There are four types of apps that are the main focus of each start-up these days.

All the above four categories are known for the generation of huge revenues for the entrepreneurs. However, now that you are aware of the challenges faced after the app launch, you might be interested to know how Coruscate can help you out to devise some excellent strategies to be prepared for such challenges.

The app development carried out at Coruscate is future-packed and scalable. We give you the options to choose from and decide the business model that best suits you to build the apps. We also provide the solution to all your technical problems right from the consultation to the app launch and maintenance too. So, the major challenges from getting a team to maintaining your app are all taken care of by us.

The e-scooter apps, taxi booking apps, Fintech apps and other On-demand apps that we have designed are customizable and powered with the latest IoT technology. These apps are designed keeping in mind the App Store and Play Store guidelines.

We believe scripts are never going to work. Because while developing a new app you need a fresh idea in order to survive in the throat-cutting competition.

When you come to us with a business idea, we provide you with the best possible advice and a unique solution to meet your business demands by overcoming most of the post-launch challenges providing your business the wings to fly in a carefree manner.

Let’s build your own app

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