Android App Development

Coruscate understands that developing for Android means extensive reach and better visibility for your app solutions. We create the choicest of app solutions for the platform using our extensive research techniques, project methodologies and industry & platform expertise. We offer end-to-end custom app development solutions to meet your unique requirements. Our solutions aim to transform your business for the evolving digital dimension.

Powering businesses with accessible, interactive and scalable Android app solutions

Why go Android?

In an all-iOS world, there are multiple reasons why you should go Android with your app development

  • Customizing is made easy with Android
  • There are more commercialization opportunities available with Android
  • The versatility of the platform allows you to design for various devices irrespective of size, resolution and form factor
  • Integration with other apps and solutions is easier with Android as it is open source

Some recent updates and information supporting the same

  • The release of Samsung Galaxy S9 proves that whether the design of the new Android phone is akin to iPhone X or not, the loyalty among Android users is higher compared to iPhone users
  • Google is trying to enhance visual searching experience by adding the Google Lens, the visual search engine, to all Android apps. Google Lens. So, everything that is visual will be easily and immediately recognized by the platform

The approach that defines us

Knowing you better

We start with understanding your needs, both business and technical, before we start with developing a strategy or plan for your business. Understanding is the key to better decisions

Clear coding

What separates us from the rest is our ability to code clean and readable. We follow in-house coding practices, which allows us to write, debug and implement the perfect codes for your needs

Designated team

It is not just about Android expertise but also about the industry experience. We have a designated team that offers you a lethal combination of technology and industry knowledge and expertise

Playstore submissions

Developing a good app is just half of what you have achieved. The other half is deploying it to the playstore successfully with the right descriptions and icons. We help you achieve this with ease

Full-cycle solutions

We start with your idea and stay by your side till you need support and maintenance for your apps. We believe in partnerships.

The reason you should partner with us

If you are convinced that we are the ideal partners for your Android app needs, connect with us. Fill out the form below and we will get back in 24 hours.

Need some reasons to get you convinced we are your ideal partners?

  • High success rate of getting apps deployed to app store
  • Proficiency of developing solutions for the different niche
  • Producing result-oriented solutions that increase business profitability
  • Design solutions for better engagement
  • Faster processes and smooth communication
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Team that understands the iOS design methodology

Blast from the past: A peek into our portfolio

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