Top AI Design Considerations That Will Help You Launch An AI Based iOS App For Business


Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we consume information and use the insights that we gather from every communication channel, whether verbal or non-verbal. It is time iOS app developers consider AI when designing the app interfaces and the user experiences for the platform. AI cannot be negated when you want to offer real-time, and engaging experiences to your user, and it is impossible to design without involving this aspect.

Here is another reason to not ignore AI in your design when opting for iOS mobile app development for your business.

By 2019, artificial intelligence platform services will cannibalize revenues for 30% of market-leading companies.

A lot of industries are using AI to improve their analysis and offer better and personalized products to the users. Planck Re, a fintech platform, uses AI towards improving their risk assessment and offering effective solutions. They study the readily available data on the Internet to build solid profiles for the SMBs that seek insurance coverage.

They realize which companies are in direct need of the insurance products, and what type of solutions will lower the risk for these companies. This company was founded in 2016 and received funding in this month itself. The company has simplified its design in order to improve the user experience.

When you are planning for AI-based platforms, you will need to make your design progressive and in line with the user needs.

Here are a few pointers that should help you with the design of an AI-based iOS app for your business.

Defining The Target Audience:


Oh, nothing beats this starting step! You ought to know who you are designing for; else you won’t be able to give an appropriate platform for the target. The AI apps tend to serve more than one type of persona, which is why you will need to build it accordingly. In case of Planck Re, the data science abilities of the platform are important for the insurers, which will help them understand if the business needs the particular solution or not.

Secondly, the developers need data that can be incorporated into the app to make it seamless and insightful. As a designer, your app should have provisions for both kinds of usage and should allow the end users to readily call for the data that would be useful to them. Image recognition abilities and other machine learning capabilities should be incorporated into the platform during mobile app development for ease of use.

Make The Design Contextual:


It is important that you design artificial intelligence apps that is more contextual. Instead of getting the robots to perform the tasks, and take over human brains, incorporate AI in a way that the human functions are still important. You will need to add context to make the design smart and personalized. Allow humans to interact with the machines but, make sure the interaction is smarter and way easier than it was before. The answers should be more aligned with the questions being asked.

For instance, there is data and then there is AI; now, all you need is the questions or interactions made by the insurers, and then the AI combined with data will reveal the right answers.

Go For Discreet Designs:


How do you unlock your phones in the current times? The face recognition feature tops this answer. It is a discreet design, not added to your interface, yet allowing you to ensure quick and easy access to the application or even to your phone.

When you are designing AI apps for the iOS devices, make sure you integrate such discreet features into the apps. They will help enhance the experience and improve the quality of the app interaction.

These design integrations will not distract the actual experience and will help improve the interactions.

Should Be Scalable and Flexible:


The platform will grow, and with it the number of people in the target audience. If you are designing an AI app, make sure you keep room for scaling the app further. The idea is to allow space for increase in the number of features or addition of functionality to the app. The idea is to evolve the design and keep updating it in line with the more recent demands and the evolving nature of technology.

Ability to Predict Human Behaviour


Your AI app should integrate machine learning to enhance its capabilities. The apps should be able to comprehend the human behavior and tactfully deal with the needs expressed.

The Google Duplex, recently released in the I/O 2018, works on this aspect. According to the change in the conversation, the Google Duplex will start asking questions or give out the data. Your app will be able to modify as per the requirement and there would be an increase in the engagement as a result.

Platform Should Be Responsive


You need to create a platform that is more responsive and agile in nature. The speed with which it responds will help the users stay on the platform for a long while, and increase your conversions.

When you have an app that works in real-time, the responsiveness will help you deliver the results within nanoseconds, thus helping the key management take informed decisions.

Summing up


It is important that you incorporate all the mentioned design considerations when developing an AI based iOS app for your business. A contextual and well-defined AI app will help improve the profitability of your business.

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