About us

Coruscate takes pride in being a technology-driven solution provider with a customer-centric, journey-first approach. We don’t deliver solutions; we build partnerships towards excellence. Our strategy is built on blending the art of technology with industry knowledge to brew the excellence of custom and experiential solutions that exceed customer experience.

We have more than words for you to believe in us, and get in touch with us. Our work, it says more than these words will convey.

But, we want to tell you our story- who we are and what we believe in. This will help you trust us and our work. We are a young team of 80+ technology enthusiasts (Link to meet our team) who look forward to crafting inimitable solutions for your unique business needs. Our experienced team is a mix of designers, developers, business enthusiasts and UI/UX experts.

Our mantra is “never settle for the ordinary” and our portfolio is a live example of this mantra.

Hire us as your web development company if you want to have a tryst with creativity & experience.

When Creativity Meets Methodology

While solutions need to be unique and creative, they should be arrived upon using pre-defined methodology. At Coruscate, every solution is a result of research and understanding of customer needs.

Want to know how we arrive at a solution?

  • Idea

    Let's start at the beginning. The idea is where it all starts. We validate the idea. If it sounds promising at first look, we study the idea from all aspects before proceeding

  • Business Strategy

    We study the market for the opportunities it offers and the gaps that exist. We refine your idea to suit your market needs

  • Requirement Study

    Based on the idea and the busienss strategy, we list out the requirements of your solution. For example, do you need automated reports? Would a detailed analysis be useful to you?

  • Solution Definition

    We define the solution- the web application at this stage. This is the stage where we also define the technology we will be using to build the solution.

  • Designing the Solution

    We sketch the prototypes for the solution. On getting the client's approval, we define the UI/UX for the solution.

  • Development

    Once the design is approved, we use clean coding principles to develop the project

  • Testing

    We use test-driven environment, which means we test while coding to accelerate the process and deploy at the earliest.

Know Where We Stand Today

A Colorful Team


Yes, we take pride in our team. We have a variety of people in our team, and each one brings adds a different flavor to the company. We look for people who are passionate and creative, and our recruitment process adheres to this need. Academics is a plus of course but, we want people who can bring in a difference.

Solid Experience & Expertise


We are where we are because of our thoroughness in offering solutions, our technology expertise and an understanding of our customer needs. We value ethics and are built on commitment and reliability.

Adaptable Working Culture


We want our employees to feel the commitment from within. WE offer a friendly workspace, with excellent opportunities to grow and flourish. Our aim is to empower the employees with the right values and culture.