Google’s Upping Its Game With These 6 Announcements From Google I/O 2018


The Google I/O 2018 conference just ended and it seems like Google has already upped its game, and declared war with its competitors. The keynote carried important announcements that will enhance the way you develop apps, the overall user experience, and the technology that will support you as a developer.

If you are planning to boost your app, and leverage on Google, then you ought to know what new things Google has introduced with this keynote. We will discuss the top 6 important declarations made by the company during the event that will change the course of events completely.

AI Power To Google Photos

These powerful tools that help users edit, sort and even modify the photos they have clicked make the whole editing and enhancement of photo easy. You can get apps developed that will leverage the features, and help the users with quick fixes and easy updates to the photos

With the invent of this feature, there will be more data for Google, which in turn will improve its image recognition capabilities.

As a developer, you can introduce these features in your filters or other aspects of the apps. You can improve the way the camera apps work thus, making it more experiential.

The New Version Android Ps


The new version for the operating system Android P was released in this conference. The beta version was unveiled, and a lot of new features have been introduced in this new version. For instance, the new version owns a new dashboard, which will let the users know how long they have been using this app for. You can leverage the features of Android P in your apps to check on the app usage and even set time limits for the app usage.

The new version has introduced the iPhone like navigation gestures and better ways to access the functions within apps. You can even stop the annoying notifications in a better way, without really blocking them. Volume control and rotation have received new updates with the new version.

Conversations With The Assistants


The assistant has become more human with this recent update. You can have contextual conversations with the assistant, and if it makes you feel better, the assistant will go with the flow. So, while you had to say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” for every other question you wanted to ask, the improvised version makes sure you can continue the conversation without interruption. The AI assistant has made the conversation natural and interactive.

This is definitely a winning game as of now for Google, as none of the other assistants have really come to this level with machine learning or deep learning methods. Google assistant’s conversations sound like a person interacting, and it keeps changing the conversation and the questions based on the flow of the conversation. This new assistant is being called Google Duplex.

Assisting With Google Map


The next big update has been received by the Google Maps. Google assistant will be a part of the maps for both iOS and Android versions. This is a more immediate update, which will be released by this summer. Personalization of maps was necessary, and Google has been working towards it since long. Maps is not just about providing directions; it is about getting better routers, offering nearby options and even telling the user if the road is free to travel or crowded. The idea is to make the maps more personal, and the recent feature additions will help localize and personalize Google Maps.

A camera integration with the Maps app will give you a street view. Some time back, the launch of Google lens allowed you to identify the buildings and other things by pointing the camera in the direction. This update will leverage this feature further.

This is Google’s most important development in the AR segment, and it will definitely give the company a boost. Used with apps, this maps feature will actually prove to be more useful, help in real-time tracking, and improve the overall productivity and efficiency of a lot of industries.

Smarter Display At Homes


Alexa, Google Home etc. are increasing the user’s expectations when it comes to smart interactions on a day-to-day basis. They want some smart display or device that can answer their questions and even talk to them.

Google announced the arrival of smart displays in July, which will not only work with voice but also with actions and gestures. The displays powered by Google assistant and YouTube, will allow you to ask questions and use displays where the audio cannot communicate the entire question properly. This would be the first ever visual-first assistant that would come to your home. YouTube will be responsible for the display aspect of the interaction.

Easy Ways To Add AI To Apps


At the conference, Google revealed the ML kit, which will help the developers to integrate pre-built machine learning models to their apps. These models have been specifically built by Google, and they support text & facial recognition, barcode scanning, as well as landmark recognition.

This will be easy to integrate and will give your apps the much needed boost. This tool will remove the barriers of entry though, developers will need to give a thorough thought on how tobest use the use cases provided in their apps, and leverage on the existing tools and features within the kit.

Other Announcements


There have been other announcements as well, which were made during the conference

  • The new design for Google news is powered by AI. The users can look into the news that they really care about and enjoy reading material from the publications they trust. This will in turn offer better news in the coming times, without breaching your privacy or giving away your data.
  • Ahead of Google’s conference, the company had unveiled the Android Things 1.0 designed for the Internet of Things. It will help the developers task easier to connect the devices with the applications. Examples of some of the smart devices controlled by IoT in the near future would be smart displays, kiosks etc.
  • If you don’t like writing emails or, believe it is tough to think through an email, the “smart compose” feature is just for you. It will assist you with writing emails, and autocomplete your emails for you.

Summarizing The Keynote


It’s definitely a lot to digest, and everything to be excited about. We surely are looking forward to the releases made by Google, specifically the new Android version.

We are known to have our hands-on every new update, and we make sure our developers test and understand the new update before filling in your apps with the new features.

So, if you want to leverage these new features or try to update your app to Android P or improve your app’s AI capabilities, connect with us. Our team will provide you with the best and most appealing Android apps and Android app upgrade.

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