Top 3 money-making taxi app development ideas beyond Uber

Money making taxi app development ideas

Uber is undoubtedly the most promising name in the taxi booking app industry. It’s business processes and business model are so refined that many entrepreneurs and taxi app development companies have developed a lot of Uber-like taxi apps.

However, these Uber-like apps aren’t as successful as the native Uber app due to very obvious reasons. Many of them didn’t get the operational license from the governments, Google pulled down many clone taxi apps from the PlayStore, and many other taxi apps fought an uphill battle to acquire the initial users.

Thus, it now becomes vitally important to think beyond the Uber. Now, the fundamental requirement you need to satisfy before developing any taxi app is to bring innovation in it and make the app stands out.

Looking at the urgency, we will talk about three taxi apps which work similar to Uber but satisfying different purposes and have a few groundbreaking feature sets.

1) Onward

Onward is the Los Angeles – based taxi booking app providing company for only older adults. It was founded by Adam Singer and Mark Lewis.

While Lyft and Uber weren’t developed justifying the requirements of older adults who need a little help to get out of the houses or need someone to get them to and from the doctors, Onward app comes to aid.

Through Onward app, any older adult can book the ride and feel safe to have on board with a trained driver. Onward’s drivers are trained in CPR, dementia, and have a spotless background. Their cars are also inspected more often than Uber.

The idea to develop such app popped in the Lewis’ mind when one day he was talking with his mother-in-law who had Alzheimer’s. He thought how efficient it would be to offer round-trip and door-to-door service with the trained drivers to the older adults.

Taxi app like Onward can attract three types of customers: older adults who cannot drive by themselves, anyone who cannot drive for medical reasons, and caretakers who want to provide reliable and safe transportation to their loved ones.

Recently, Onward has raised $1.5 million in seed funding from Royal Street Ventures, Matchstick Ventures, and JPK Capital.

>> The business model of Onward

Though it seems like Onward works on the Uber fashion, Onward is far away from the Uber when it comes to the business model.

The main difference between Uber and Onward is how they pay their drivers. While Uber drivers earn per ride, Onward drivers are paid hourly – as minimum as $20 per hour.

Another innovation team of Onward brought into a business model is how they charge riders for the ride. Onward charges riders per hour, $35. But after one hour, Onward charges riders by the minute.

2) Kango

Kango is the San Francisco-based taxi booking app providing company for the kids. It was founded by Sara Schaer, a working mother who had always found it difficult to reach office on time after dropping kids off the school.

The idea was simple. Offer an Uber-like app solution where parents can book the ride for their kids and certified drivers pick them up from the location parents add.

During the initial years of the Kango, they offered peer-to-peer carpooling service to working mothers and fathers. But later in 2015, they rewrote the code and turned the app into kids ride-sharing app.

Considering the fact that Kango is the ride-sharing app for the kids, they put extra emphasis on safety and security. Their all drivers are certified and tracked live by the staff. Unlike Uber, they hire drivers who have some sort of childcare experience. They even let parents track the ride of their kids and share the experience with other parents. Kango is also planning to collaborate with schools and let them track and rate each ride like parents.

>> Milestone achieved by Kango

  • Currently, only around 12 people are working for Kango. However, This staff of 12 people monitors hundreds of drivers.
  • Started from San Francisco, they have added more than 6 cities to their business operational areas till now.
  • Kango was declared the ‘Best Uber for Kids’ in 2017 by San Francisco Magazine.
  • In the first month of 2019, Kango has raised $3.6 million in its series A fundinground which was led by National Express LLC.

3) Shebah

Safety of riders has always been the concern for ride-sharing companies, governments, and users. Data from the official sources of Uber revealed that Uber has received 170 complaints of sexual assaults in just one year. In fact, in countries like India, Uber had to fight a legal battle against the government after many cases of sexual assault have been recorded.

To address these issues, Georgina McEncore founded Shebah. It is the Australia-based ride-sharing service provider, providing taxi service only for women and children.

Shebah does not only allow women and children to request the ride, but they only register female drivers. In its short life, it has acquired 370 active drivers and more than 12000 users.

Currently, the services of the Shebah is available in Queensland, Victoria, and Sydney. But according to the founder of Shebah, the market for such taxi app is very huge and they are likely to explore it soon.

Though Shebah only allows female riders to ride, there are some exceptional cases in which male can also request the ride.

  • Boys over 13 and under 18 can travel only to and from school.
  • If not school, boys should have their mother or female guardians with them.
  • A male who wants to ride in Shebah must have his female partner with him. However, in such a case, he is required to pre-book the ride via ‘Schedule Later’ app feature.

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